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Canberra, Australia
Tabletop roleplaying and Australian freeform

Phenomenon is a roleplaying convention in Australia. It runs every Queens Birthday weekend (early June) in Canberra. While the core of the convention is table top roleplaying, it has a strong Australian freeform / theatre-style larp component.


The first Phenomenon was run in 1994. While intended to be a Canberra convention, due to venue costs it was held over the border at Karabar High School in New South Wales.[1] In 1996 the convention shifted to ANU in Canberra, and has stayed in the city ever since. After some shifting around in the calendar, since 2003 it has run consistently at Queens Birthday weekend in early June.

Games run

Larps run at Phenomenon 2015

Name Country Run by
A Weekend in the Country Australia Sandra d'Argeavel, David James
Bloodrunner Australia Xole Karman, Andrew Smith
Gasteranthus Atratus Nobilis Australia Stephen Justice, Kane Edwards
Star Trek: Crisis and Opportunity Australia David Hollingworth, James Riley
The Day the Earth Stood Up Australia Robbie Matthews, Barbara Kearins, Rod Kearins and Stuart Barrow

Larps run at Phenomenon 2014

Name Country Run by
Citius, Altius, Forius Australia Fi McConachie
Gone Native Australia Ryan d'Argeavel
Paranoia Live: Recreational Event in ACT Sector Australia Daniel Ryan, Penny O'Rance, Barry Dismorr
Vampire: Bat Country Australia Joe McNamara

Larps run at Phenomenon 2013

Name Country Run by
Black Feather Shrine Australia Joe McNamara
A Game of Suns Australia Xole Karman and Andrew Smith
It’s the end of the World... Or I feel fine Australia David Woodruff and Jon Lowe
Remembrance and Remains Australia Jacinta Smith and Michael Hitchens
What do you do with a problem like Dresden? Australia David James

Larps run at Phenomenon 2012

Name Country Run by
A Joining of Equals Australia
Catch Me, I'm Falling Australia Emily Jackman and Travis Hall
Goblin Market Australia Penny Sullivan
Holiday at World's End Australia Dan Connor and Terence Janssen
Libretto Australia Andrew Smith
Messages From Earth Australia Barb Kearins, Rod Kearins and Robbie Matthews

Larps run at Phenomenon 2011

Name Country Run by
The Community Australia Mark Kramarzewski
Crisis of Infinite Batman Australia Evan Paliatseas
A Darkened World Australia
A Feast of Kobolds Australia Stephen Justice
The Fine Art of Politics Australia Jason Chappel and Penny Sullivan
Min Min Australia Fi McConachie
Ravenloft: Holy Land Australia Joe McNamara
Tales from the City: Exogenesis Australia Simon Boot and Alicia Cameron

Larps run at Phenomenon 2010

Name Country Run by
Billingate Australia Stephen Justice
A Colder War — Eve of Destruction Australia Nick Irving, Shaun Tabone, Matthew Cramsie, Mark Kramerzewski, Benj Davis
A Darkened World Australia
Don't Know Where, Don't Know When Australia Barbara Kearins, Rod Kearins, Stuart Barrow and Robbie Matthews
Et in Arcadia Ego Australia Xole Karman
Innocence Proves Nothing Australia Matt Archer
This Party Tonight... Australia Mike Walker and Sandra d’Argeavel

Larps run at Phenomenon 2009

Name Country Run by
By a Dark River Australia Travis Hall and Sarah Western
Canberra: The Big Divi Australia Lawrence Flower
The Erebus Incident Australia Xole Karman, David Hollingworth and Andrew Smith
The Queen of Love and Beauty Australia Belinda Kelly
Regency Revels Australia Philippa Borland
The Retreat Australia David James and Nadina Geary
Singles' Night Australia Alicia Cameron and James Wright
Tales from the City: Exogenesis Australia Simon Boot and Alicia Cameron
A Tangled Web We Weave Australia Marissa Harris
100 Years Ago Today... Australia

Larps run at Phenomenon 2008

Name Country Run by
Auto Da Fe Australia Joe McNamara
Ball of Dreams Australia
The Heron's Revenge Australia Stacey L Payne
Project Eden Australia
Star Explorers Australia Mike Walker
Undeadwood Australia Xole Karman and Andrew Smith
The Wake Australia Travis Hall

Larps run at Phenomenon 2007

Name Country Run by
12/1 Australia
Dread Legacy Australia Tim Smith and Robert Barbetti
The Heron's Reason Australia Stacey L Payne
Olympus 2020 Australia Xole Karman
Pack Australia Stuart Barrow

Larps run at Phenomenon 2006

Name Country Run by
A Night to Remember, A Night to Forget Australia Angela and Ben Kemp
A Personal Apocalypse Australia David James and Xole Karman
Faenor – The Freeform Australia Sim Lauren
Gilbert & Sullivan: The Trial Australia Liz Waldock
Lost the Plot? Australia Eric Henry and James Walker
The Heron's Riddle Australia Stacey L Payne
The Princess's Pleasure Australia Fi McConnachie
Star Wars: Overtures of Peace Australia Laurie Flower

Larps run at Phenomenon 2005

Name Country Run by
Eden's Daughters Australia Ingrid Bean
Of Cards and Convenience Australia Fi McConachie and Renee
The Unicorn's Lance Australia Fi McConachie
Familiar Australia Xole Karman
Jerry Does Canberra! Australia Andrew McClennan
Beaker: Sky Marshalls — the Free Form! Australia Robbie and Stephanie Matthews
An Arthurian Idyll Australia James Walker and Eric Henry


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