Nordic-Russian Larp Dialog

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Nordic-Russian Larp Dialog

Alexy Fedoseev, J. Tuomas Harviainen, Olga Vorobyeva (eds)
English, Russian

Nordic-Russian Larp Dialog is a bi-directional dialogue between the Nordic and Russian larp traditions. The book is divided into two parts, "The Russian Way" and "The Nordic Way", each consisting of five articles. Each article is followed by one or two brief commentaries from members of the other tradition. All content is included in both English and Russian.

The book is only available in hardcopy.


The Russian Way

  • "How to Convey Ideas through Larps" by Vladimir Molodykh and Alexandra Rybalko.
    • Commentary by Emma Wieslander
  • "The Modelling Rules in Russian Larps" by Olga Prudkovskaya
    • "Abandoning Unity of Time and space: the Commentary" by Mike Pohjola
  • "Larps Built on the Problem of Choice" by Alexy Semenov
    • Commentary by Sarah Lynne Bowman
    • Commentary by Elge Larsson
  • "Larp as a Story: Told to Little-Known People Who Interrupt You All The Time And Do Not Laugh at Your Jokes" by Daria Kurguzova and Vladimir Servetnik
    • Commentary by Eirik Fatland
    • Commentary by Gabriel Widing
  • "Talismans: The Birth of Siberian Existential Larps" by Fyodor Slyusarchuk
    • Commentary by Niina Niskanen
  • "Bibliography: English articles on Russian larps"

The Nordic way

  • "Incentives as Tools of Larp Dramaturgy" by Eirik Fatland
    • Commentary by Maria Grubaya
    • Commentary by Audrey Salik
  • "The Character, the Player, and Their shared Body" by Tova Gerge and Gabriel Widing
    • Commentary by Alyona Muravlyanskaya
    • "What shall I do with this body they gave me? The Commentary" by Maria Raczynska
  • "Eye-witness to the Illusion: an Essay on the Impossibility of 360° roleplaying" by Johanna Koljonen
    • "The 360° Immersion. The Commentary" by Anton Zaitsev
    • Commentary by Alexy Sapozhnikov
  • "Nordic Larp: Theatre, Art and Game" by Jaakko Stenros
    • Commentary by Andrey Andryushkov
    • Commentary by Anna Volodina
  • "The Psychology of Immersion: Individual Differences and Psychological Phenomena Relating to Immersion" by Lauri Lukka
    • Commentary by Alexy Gorodnichev
    • Commentary by Ludmila Vitkevich