NERO Ravenholt

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NERO Ravenholt

Franklin, MA
Conflict resolution system
Light-Touch boffer combat, spell packet based magic
Full weekend
Games per year
Owner: Annemarie Tyler
Participation fee
Rule system
NERO rulebook
NERO Massachusetts


The Duchy of Ravenholt, a location in NERO's world of Tyrra.

Game history

Founded in 1989, Ravenholt is the flagship NERO chapter.

Ravenholt was founded by Ford Ivey. Before February of 1989, it was called Weekend Warriors.

The "Dirty Dozen" (thanked on the title page of several rule book editions) got together with him after a Nov. weekend in 88. They hashed out the first official rulebook and system over the winter of 88-89. Along with very basic history and plot, courtesy of Mike Ventrella, Mark Prenetta and Craig Walton (he who named the game).

Fran Moore and Tim Gile refined and "built" the history with input from Florence Pyne, Lori Goldy (Jet Cutir), and several others.

The original map may be credited to mostly Bob King, with some help from Charlie Murphy and Debbie Walton.

Races were refined by Fran and Jade Marston (sarr), Florence Pine (barbarian) and Heidi Hooper (Biata), Lori and Marte McCray (quentari and dark elves.)

Ford Ivey passed the game on to Jenn Hawkins. Later, it was sold to Rachel Morris. In 2007, it was sold to Annemarie Tyler.

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