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NERO Empire

Conifer, CO
Fantasy Boffer LARP
Conflict resolution system
Light-Touch boffer combat, spell packet based magic
Full weekend
Games per year
Owner: William Hart
Participation fee
$5 + $15-$40 for site costs (cabins/etc)
Rule system
NERO 9th Edition rulebook
NERO Empire


The Lands of Galerus and Kilgriv, part of NERO's world of Tyrra. Settings rotate between the two locations, with different cultural settings to allow long-time players to enjoy different characters and plot teams to rotate.

Game history

NERO Empire is the 3rd iteration of a NERO Intl chapter in Colorado. NERO has had a storied history in Colorado dating back to the founding of NERO Intl. Previous chapters include NERO Colorado (one of the original NERO Intl. chapters and NERO SoCo)

People will find a diverse mixture of PC’s in NERO Empire. This is due in large part to NERO being part of the Colorado landscape for over 15 years. Many of our players have returned from the days of old chapters to begin a new episode in their PC’s ongoing story. Still others will find that the new blood we have in the chapter invigorates the old players with a robust need to parent and guide new players in the ways of the world.

NERO Empire is the most unique of NERO Intl. chapters in that we are a Roman based world, as opposed to the monarchy styles of other chapters. First we were a Republic ruled by the Senate, now we are an Empire with a Caesar exerting his influence over the Senate in day to day operations. Is a revolution in the works to give the power back to the people? Well only you and our players can determine that outcome.

Our site that our monthly games are hosted at is unmatched in the United States as far as NERO sites go. In 2003 we hosted the NERO National Event at Beaver Ranch and the national players we jealous of our site. Our site is rugged and peaceful much like that of Colorado. The PC’s flare for decoration in each cabin is a site to see, from Casinos, to Gypsy camps, to the general store, we have it all. Our Tavern is large and has one of the greatest staffs on hand to keep you fueled and entertained.

In over 5 years we have never cancelled an event, and have run year round every year. Rain, Sleet, Snow or Shine we play NERO. Our players will tell you that a NERO Empire event covered in snow and going out for a mod in 3-4 feet deep of the white stuff is an experience. We have had events over 100 degrees and colder that -20 degrees.

If you want to live and breathe the roleplay experience, put down the paper and dice, log off your MMORPG account, pack your bags and LIVE NERO EMPIRE.

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