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NERO Atlanta

Atlanta, GA
Conflict resolution system
Light-Touch boffer combat, spell packet based magic
Full weekend
Games per year
Owners: Ryan Massey & David Collins
Participation fee
Rule system
NERO rulebook
NERO Atlanta


The Duchy of Tyrangel is located in the southeast region of Avalon, west of Therendry and north of the Duchy of the Sutherlands. As of 2012, the Duchy of Tyrangel is comprised of two Counties: Araman, and Theisgate. It is one of the Duchies which make up the Kingdom of Evendarr's Fellmist Principality.

  • Araman (County)
    • Faradhen (Barony)
    • Martalya (Barony)
    • Unclaimed (Barony Northwest) (Barony)
  • Theisgate (County)
    • Marentha (Barony)
      • Lauretti (City)
      • Manath (City)
      • Zanor (City)
      • Kirishai (Independent, Underground City)
    • Stormholme (Barony)
      • Redlands (City)
      • Sweetbrush (City)
      • Thallus (City)
    • Wulfshire (Barony)
      • Altemon (City)
      • Erwin's Pass(City)
      • Glen Meard(City)
      • Jone Kir

Game history

This is an non level-capped campaign, and is among the oldest story settings in Nero. There's a lot of history here, and a lot that can be learned even from just watching and listening. Don't be worried if you don't understand what is going on.... plenty of people are around to explain it to you. While it can, sometimes, be geared more for a higher level of player (20+) there are still many ways to involve yourself in the story.

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