Monsieur Beauregard’s Hollywood Speakeasy

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Monsieur Beauregard’s Hollywood Speakeasy

An establishment of the highest quality

Los Angeles, CA
historical 1920's
Conflict resolution system
4 hours
Date run
31 March 2001 & 11 June 2010
Number of participants
Ray Lavoie

Monsieur Beauregard’s Hollywood Speakeasy is a 22-player theatre-style larp of Prohibition-era Hollywood crime. It was written by Ray Lavoie.

Originally the game rules worked by straight numerical comparison (a combat number system). The WyrdCon run shifted to a simple paper-scissors-rock system.


The game takes place at M. Beauregard's, an imaginary speakeasy in the Los Angeles of 1928. Its proprietor, the eponymous M. Beauregard (either of two brothers, actually) is a large and cheerful fellow from New Orleans who maintains a policy of offering hospitality to all comers. As a consequence, his establishment has evolved into an informal meeting place for those individuals who might otherwise not feel comfortable meeting each other elsewhere, be they rival politicians, studio heads, or even mob bosses. This eclectic clientele of movers and shakers in turn attracts the cream (and the dregs) of Los Angeles, as everybody who's anybody will find there way at some time to M. Beauregard's.

The game’s focus is on social and political intrigue. Characters will all have goals they wish to accomplish during the evening, scandalous secrets they wish to keep hidden, and information that will be of value to other characters to use as currency and leverage in attaining their goals.


  • 31 March 2001 (as "M. Beauregard’s"), Los Angeles, CA.
  • 11 June 2010 (as "Monsieur Beauregard’s Hollywood Speakeasy), at Wyrdcon. Convention Guest-of-Honor Larry Niven (co-author of Dream Park) played in the game.

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