Midsummer Mischief

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Midsummer Mischief

Wodehousian comedy
Number of players
How long it runs
4 hours
Date written
Nathan Gribble, Steve Hatherley, Heidi Kaye, Paul Snow
Midsummer Mischief

Midsummer Mischief is a 25-player theatre-style larp inspired by the "Blandings Castle" stories of P. G. Wodehouse. Originally written in 1998, it has since been run ten times in the USA and UK.[1]


Welcome to Blandings Castle!

Midsummer Mischief is set in P.G. Wodehouse's absurd world of England's leisured upper class in the 1920's or thereabouts. This is not the real world. This is a place where people shout "Wot ho!" and "You bounder!" and even "That's just not cricket!"

One should always try a clever scheme, even if it might go embarrassingly wrong. Reputation is more important than anything, unless you're old and rich. Pigs are a vast, nay limitless source of conversational interest. Come join us in Lord Emsworth's old country estate of Blandings for a ridiculous weekend of gaffes, laughs, and pigs. It'll be a dashed good time!


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