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Last Minute Productions

It's two weeks to convention, we got half a mile of PVC, 3 packs of cigarettes, it's dark...and we're wearing sunglasses.

Morristown, NJ
Eldritch horror
Conflict resolution system
Theatrical (Stat Comparison)
Games per year
Michael Malecki
Participation fee
Whatever the Convention Fee is
Rule system
Cthulhu Live 3.0


Last Minute Productions has a habit of creating LARP extravaganzas based off of the Cthulhu Live system. While running Classic Cthulhu Live games, we also run other genres (see our Warehouse 13 game at Dreamation 2013).

Game history

Last Minute Productions is a non-profit Live Action Role Playing group who loves to create games for the Double Exposure Convention circuit. 3 friends who enjoy creating diverse and fun games. Started 3 years ago, Last Minute Productions tries to ensure one game per Dexposure convention.

Games Run:

  • Berlin Black (Cthulhu Live Scenario) Dreamation/Catalyst Game Fair.
  • The Big Score (Cthulhu Live Scenario) Dexcon
  • Antiques Roadshow (Warehouse 13 game)(Dreamation 2013)
  • Shadows Over Mayberry (Dreamation 2013?)

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