Kingdom Boffing Association

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Kingdom Boffing Association

Everyone needs a place to rule!

Auburn, Washington
Live Combat/Sport
Paul Davenport, Dan Sheppard, Josie Strawhun, Cody Dodd.
Official web page

The Short History

Kingdom Boffing Association, also known as K.B.A. or Kingdom for short, was founded on March 5th, 2011. Midway through the 2010 season, Earth Haven membership fell apart, with many players not returning to the game. During the 2010 winter, Dan and Paul got together and started jotting down notes to build into a rule book, and a generalized idea of what they wanted Kingdom to be. Using the rule book from Earth Haven as a base, they edited, modified and reorganized it. After setting up a guideline and base for their idea, the two started calling in friends and former players from Earth Haven for help and feed back. 2011 proved to be a good season for Kingdom, with it's membership growing steadily. While 2012 has seen even more veteran players from Earth Haven returning to do participate with a new generation of players.

What Kingdom Is About

The group's primary focus is on combat through tactics and strategy. Many battles start off slow, become fast paced skirmishes and end with duels. Often times the game is approached with a sport mentality (backed by having fun), team leaders often shifting their strategy mid-battle, much like an audible in football. The veteran players coach and train new players, giving them tips on how to better utilize their style, size, gear and athletic abilities. While many might look at Kingdom as a haven for stick jocks, that is actually our honest approach, many of our players wanting to participate in the idea of boffing, but without the garb and oddities of role-playing.