KOLA 2014 Book

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KOLA 2014 Book

Marcin Słowikowski and Dorota Kalina Trojanowska (eds)
KOLA Larp Conference

The KOLA 2014 Book was the annual book published in conjunction with the 2014 KOLA conference.


  • "D&D Syndrome" by Bartek Zioło
  • "Larp as a Ritualised Activity" by Celina Strzelecka
  • "The Wiki-Challenge" by Agata Godun
  • "Larp Ideas for Sale" by Piotr Milewski
  • "It’s the Small Things" by Dorota Kalina Trojanowska
  • "What I Have Learned from Simulationist Larps" by Mikołaj Wicher
  • "Geas: The Pilgrimage" by Kamil Bartczak
  • "12 Tricks" by Piotr Milewski
  • "Introduction to Players’ Free Will Management" by Dominik Dembinski
  • "Trade at Outdoor Larps" by Kamil Rauch
  • "Urban Games as a Tool in Education" by Daniel Krzaczkowski
  • "Larp in Your Own Tongue" by Dominik Dembinski
  • "Free Rein" by Karolina Fido
  • "Playing Versus Acting" by Anna Rogala and Michał Rogala
  • "Scenario culture schock" by Dorota Kalina Trojanowska
  • "I Can’t Believe What’s Happening Here" by Szymon Boruta 1nd Agnieszka Hawryluk
  • "Larp in school" by Krzysztof Chmielewski, Michał Mochocki, and Łukasz Wrona
  • "Larping out of Sight" by Yarslau Kot
  • "Croatian Larp Scene at the Beginning of 2014" by Ivan Žalac
  • "A Summer Night’s Nightmare" by Marcin Słowikowski
  • "A Short Critique of Larp Criticism" by Dominik Dembinski

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