KOLA 2013 Book

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KOLA 2013 Book

Jakub Tabisz (ed)
KOLA Larp Conference

The KOLA 2013 Book was the annual book published in conjunction with the 2013 KOLA conference.


  • "Introduction" by Kuba Tabisz
  • "And Quoth RPG, 'Oh Larp, Thou Ungrateful Child of Mine!'" by Piotr Milewski
  • "Some Points of the History of Larp in Belarus" by Yaraslau Kot
  • "From Dragon Eggs to the Wings of Imagination" by Marcin Słowikowski
  • "DEMOcracy Project: Larp in Civic Education" by Michał Mochocki and Łukasz Wrona
  • "House of Dreams" by Jakub Tabisz
  • "High_Rise: Larp, Video Game, RPG" by S. Kłossowicz and M. Krzywoszyński
  • "City Games are Larps" by Jakub Tabisz
  • "Definitions in Use" by Dominik Dembinski
  • "A Taste of Larp" by Mikołaj Wicher
  • "The Quickie" by Agata Lubańska
  • "Bad Games" by Kamil Bartczak
  • "Flamingos and Penguins" by Bartosz Zioło
  • "Block-bust Your Larp!" by Dominik Dembiński
  • "All the Sins of Larp Campaigns" by Agnieszka Rogowska
  • "Postulates for the 200+ Scenarios" by Kamil Rauch
  • "Larp Copyrights" by Jan Wosiura
  • "Live Role-play Games within the System of Moral Development of Preschool Children" by Yaraslau Kot
  • "Glossary" by Jakub Tabisz

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