Immersive Gameplay

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Immersive Gameplay

Evan Torner and William J. White, editors


Immersive Gameplay: Essays on Participatory Media and Role-Playing is an academic study of role-playing games. It examines the concept of "immersion" through various theoretical and practical lenses, with special focus upon live-action and tabletop role-playing games; reality television; social media apps; and first-person shooters.

In concert with the release of the book, Torner provided weekly interviews with many of the authors on his blog, including: Sarah Lynne Bowman, Emily Care Boss, and J. Tuomas Harviainen.


  • "Foreword" by Zach Waggoner
  • "Introduction" by Evan Torner and William J. White
  • "First Person Audience and the Art of Painful Role-Playing" by Markus Montola and Jussi Holopainen
  • "Jungian Theory and Immersion in Role-Playing Games" by Sarah Lynne Bowman
  • "Circles and Frames: The Games Social Scientists Play" by Nathan Hook
  • "Role-Playing Communities, Cultures of Play and the Discourse of Immersion" by William J. White, Emily Care Boss, and J. Tuomas Harviainen
  • "Gary Alan Fine Revisited: RPG Research in the 21st Century" by Katherine Castiello Jones
  • "The Agentic Imagination: Tabletop Role-Playing Games as a Cultural Tool" by Todd Nicholas Fuist
  • "Kid Nation: Television, Systemic Violence and Game Design" by Evan Torner
  • "Survivor Meets the Hero’s Journey: Connecting Mythic Structures to Reality Television" by Erik Dulick
  • "A Game About Killing: Role-Playing in the Liminal Spaces of Social Network Games" by Eric Newsom
  • "Deleting Memory Space: The Gaming of History and the Absence of the Holocaust" by M.-Niclas Heckner

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