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For centuries, you’ve walked among us, howling in our nightmares and feeding from our people. For centuries, your war has claimed the lives of countless innocents, and for centuries, we’ve been biding our time and learning your weaknesses. We’ve advanced while you’ve stagnated. You think joining forces will stop us? Hardly. There’s a new moon rising, and the hunters are now the hunted.

Hunter's Moon is a modern Vampire/Werewolf LARP, focused on the immortals overcoming the growing threat of human technology. After centuries of war, vampires and werewolves have set aside their hatred for one another, forming a temporary truce to face this bigger threat. But the influence of human Hunters grows every day.

Hunters Moon

Los Angeles, CA
modern fantasy/sci-fi, vampire and werewolf
Conflict resolution system
medium boffer combat, foam projectile guns
day and weekend games
Games per year
Game Designers: Kari Brewer, Mallory Reaves, Aya Columbia
Participation fee
Rule system
Hunters Moon Rules, a variant of the Live Effects Ruleset


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Game history

Game Designers: Kari Brewer, Mallory Reaves, Aya Columbia

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The Hunters Moon Rule set