Emerald Chronicles

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The largest and longest running oWoD LARP west of the Mississippi.

This Seattle, WA based LARP consists of multiple oWod settings that play concurrently, but do not cross genre.

Play Style: The game is in a catagory called Theater Style Games, meaning there are no fake weapons, boffer weapons and physical contact without express consent is not allowed. Index cards with written statistics represent in-character weapons. Costuming and characterization is highlighted, and costumed balls and other themed events occur from time to time. (Vampire masquerade ball, Werewolf camping trip).

Times of Play: There are four games represented, that meet each Saturday all year round. (See storytellers for special event locations).

  • Emerald Court Chronicles - Changeling: The Dreaming - 6PM to 9PM
  • Emerald Chantry Chronicles - Mage: The Ascenscion - 6PM to 9PM
  • Emerald City Chronicles - Vampire: The Masquerade - 10PM to 2AM
  • Emerald City Chronicles - Vampire: The Masquerade - 10PM to 2AM

Location: The games meet on the University of Washington Campus during the warm spring/summer months, and at the Wallingford B&G Club during the cold fall/winter months. For directions, please contact the storyteller of the game you are interested in playing in.

Contact: You can contact each sphere's storytellers by emailing the following addresses:

  • changeling@emerald chronicles.com
  • mage@emerald chronicles.com
  • vampire@emerald chronicles.com
  • werewolf@emerald chronicles.com

There are also several websites you can visit to learn more about the games:

Other Information: Emerald Chronicles is supported by the Northwest Organization for Theatrical Roleplay (NOTR). They are a non-profit organization that accepts donations and uses them to pay for things like location costs during the winter months for the games to play at, website hosting costs and other game needs.