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Elysium LARP


A Player Generated Experience

Hudson and Berlin, Massachusetts
Medieval Fantasy
Conflict resolution system
Medium Contact Combat and Role-Play
4-6 hours, Weekend
Games per year
Jonathan Garrett Swenson
Participation fee
Rule system
Custom Rulebook


The game takes place on the planet Elysium, home to the Incendite, Opprimere, Ocelai, Robor, Elf, Dwarf, and Human races. The world holds many secrets and is for the most part unexplored. Now, in the midst of Human Civil War, the appearances of ancient objects, and other eccentricities, the inhabitants of the planet must become prepared for the new challenges that life will throw their way.

Game history

Elysium LARP started back in August 2011 when Jonathan Swenson and a bunch of friends had been atempting to get their money back from another LARP that cancelled an entire season and was refusing to give a refund. After filling a claim the money was returned and Jonathan distributed out the money back to his friends. While that was happening they all realized that they were pretty bummed about not being able to play something that they had look forward to for the past six months. This is when Jonathan decided that they would make use of their new costumes and weapons and characters anyways. They all went into the woods and help a capture the flag game using all of the skills that they spend many hours choosing for the other game. Everyone had a blast so Jonathan took it upon himself to set up different games once a month.

Eventually the "games" lost their luster and the only logical way to continue was to actually create a story, some quests, and a world to play with. For that to mean anything it was decided that more people were needed. When the group couldn't get other friends to join or be reliable, the game was opened to the public.

The first public New Player Day was held on June 24th, 2012 and got 15 new people to show up. Surprisingly, not one of them had ever LARPed before. After a short training session the games commenced. At the end of the day everyone had a great time, and four of the fifteen became the first members of Elysium LARP. At this point another important question was brought up. What would we charge? How are we going to make a rulebook of our own? Where would we play? The answers came rather simply. The game would be Free. It's something that hasn't been successfully done in New England and possibly the rest of the country. With no attendance cost we figured that people would be able to spend more money on weapons, props, and costuming. Also Jonathan's Family runs Andrew's Helpful Hands, a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Charitable Organization that pays mortgages for families who have a child with cancer going through the bone marrow transplant process. With no admissions it was also a viable idea to ask for donations that would be split 50-50 for making the game better and donating to Andrew's Helpful Hands. The rulebook was also simple. The game we intended to play based their rulebook off of another game so they would do the same. Jonathan knew the other games rulebook like the back of his hand and new where it had flaws and strengths and things that he would change if he could. Also the other game's rulebook was 400 pages long, which greatly deterred most larpers and all non larpers. So Jonathan got to works and in January of 2013 the rulebook was modified down to only 40 pages (excluding a few pages of pictures) and was more of the style that he and his friends enjoyed. The last issue was where were they going to play? Jonathan's Godfather found the perfect place in Berlin Ma that was multi-terrain, far from the roads, close to home, and publicly available without having many other people passing through.

During the 2012 - 2013 year each month had an event that was a success. On May 11th 2013 the second new player day was held and yet again another four players were gained.

Elysium has been a slow start but they are looking to become a major force in Massachusetts in the near future.

External links

Email: info@elysiumlarp.com

Website: http://www.elysiumlarp.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/elysiumlarp



Andrew's Helpful Hands: http://www.andrewshand.com

Calimacil: http://www.calimacil.com