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Eidolon LARP

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Fantasy Horror
Conflict resolution system
Light-Touch boffer combat
Full Weekend
World and Game System established in 2004. Eidolon's first event was held July 22-24th, 2005.
Created, designed, and owned by Mat Margalis. Assistant GMs and Cast included Molly Rapp, Nathan Sharp, Todd Furmanski, Nathan Quan, Marissa Schwartz, Garrett Hallows and Scott Spengler. Game design aid and creative input offered by Ben Mandall, Rob McDiarmid, and Jesse Heinig. Playtesting assistance offered by Molly Rapp, Richard M. Choi, Jeremy Wertheimer, Justin Simonson, Nathan Quan, Nathan Sharp, and Todd Furmanski.
Participation fee
Fees for Eidolon were variable dependent on site costs and number of attendees.
Rule system
Custom rulebook designed by Mat Margalis
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Eidolon was set in the fantasy world of Aethea, within the desolate wasteland known as the Shattered Land. Characters originated from a wide variety of nations across Aethea, drawn to the Shattered Land by a homestead announcement issued by a newly announced king who sought to re-establish the long-destroyed nation remembered only as "The Kingdom that Was." Though many non-human races populated Aethea, Eidolon was an anthropocentric game, and only human characters were allowed.

Aethea was a world rich in history and story, and players learned much by reading ancient tomes and exploring lost ruins. Knowing the in-game languages and scripts were highly prized skills, and PvP interaction was facilitated and encouraged, with many factions and groups finding themselves locked in a struggle for power. As players attempted to establish themselves and their newly settled town amidst the politics of the nations and the reawakening magical forces of the old kingdom, players were drawn into the many tangled webs of intrigue.

Game history

Eidolon LARP was created by Mat Margalis in the hope of bringing together the three major styles of live action roleplay prevelant in the United States:

· Theatre Style, which consists of complex plots individually tailored for each character. This style of play is usually associated with Mind's Eye Theatre (Vampire, Werewolf, Changeling, and the like.) · Live Combat, which focuses on adrenaline filled mock combat with padded weapons. This style of play is the staple of games such as NERO or the International Fantasy Gaming Society (IFGS.) · Investigative, in which players uncover a larger story by finding and piecing together various clues and scraps of information. Cthulhu Live is the most notable game of this sort, as well as "Murder Mystery" style party games.

Eidolon LARP consisted of a blend of these three styles. It was the goal of Eidolon LARP to create an immersive fantasy story in which players could find their own particular niche and lose themselves in a weekend of roleplay.

Though the game's rules system initially began as a class-based system as seen in one of the earliest versions of the rulebook, the later evolution of the game led to a more organic structure that encouraged stylistic diversification. The academic backgrounds of the GMs and Staff, combined with an immersive world filled with detailed cultures and religions, encouraged players to engage in the archaelogical and folkloristic aspects of game play rather than relying on mechanical skills alone.

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