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The West Coast's Premier Game Convention

San Ramon, California, USA
Tabletop roleplaying and theatre-style larp

DunDraCon is a large roleplaying convention in the USA. It runs every President's Day weekend (February) in San Ramon, CA. While the lineup is dominated by tabletop rpgs, a significant number of theatre-style larps are also run. It is a key venue for the California larp community.


The con was first run in 1976.[1] The first larp run at DunDraCon appears to have been the Dream Buccaneers Live Quest, run at DunDraCon X in 1986, advertised as "a playtested game with room for over 150... Come in costume if you've got one!"[2] The same year it hosted a seminar on live roleplaying from Times Were about their live-action Cthulhu games and "recreations of meetings at Rick's Place in Casablanca".[3] While seminars about larp appeared frequently in following years, actual larps did not appear again until 1992, with a run of Long Ago and Far Away at DunDraCon 16.[4] In 1998 DunDraCon began a seperate larp stream, consisting mostly of live Vampire games.[5] Since then, the larp stream has grown and diversified.

Games run

Larps run at DunDraCon 39 (2015)

Name Country Run by
Double Dog Dare USA Gamer Geekus
The Dwemer Summit: A Skyrim LARP USA
Remembrance USA Dreams of Deirdre
Dark Horizon USA Blue Lotus Productions
Hell's Karaoke (Saturday Morning Cartoon Edition) USA
Love and Loss on the Lushmun Canal USA
Deus Est Machina USA
The Copper Club USA
Rising Sun USA Gamer Geekus
Murder on the Western Express USA
Grimm New World USA
Your Last Day in San Romero Prison USA
L5R: The Price of Honor USA Rokugani Historical Society
Necessary Renovations USA

Larps run at DunDraCon 30 (2006)

Name Country Run by
Hamlet USA J. Li
The Dukesport Tournament USA
Lights! Camera! ACTION! USA
Garden Station IV USA
Return to Ussuria USA Dreams of Deirdre
Final Orbit USA
A Heart of Snow USA
Black Sun, White Light USA Chuckling Cthulhu
Into the Black USA
Eridanus Rising USA
A Light from the North USA Candace A. Carpenter
All Saints’ Eve USA
The Fall of Magic USA Chris Muoio
Journal USA Joe Parzanese
Queen of Spades USA J. Li

Larps run at DunDraCon 24 (2000)

Name Country Run by
Game Gods 2000: The New Faith USA
Last Will and Testament USA
All the President's Men USA Jonnie Bard
The Wages of Sin USA Bill Maxwell
Night of the Vampire USA Ken Miscardini
Sangreal USA Bill Maxwell

Larps run at DunDraCon 23 (1999)

Name Country Run by
Game Gods USA
Evil at Bay USA
Sangreal USA
World Crime League USA


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