Dark Confrontation

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Dark ConFrontation

Have you been confronted?

Atlanta, GA
Conflict resolution system
coin flips
Full Weekend
Games per year
Joseph Cotton - Financial, Operations and Production Director, ruby booth - Creative Director, Joe Wack - Technology Director, Jonathan Thomas - Art, Props, and Warehouse Director, Nicholas Casiday - Marketing and Communications Director, Mike Rowe - Communications and Mechanics Development Director, Benji Hughes - World Development Director
Participation fee
varies - cost + con membership
Rule system
Custom rulebook
Handmade Games - Dark ConFrontation

Dark ConFrontation is a LARP set at a sci-fi/fantasy/gaming convention (e.g., Dragon*Con). The concept behind the game is that a convention is the one place someone won't blink if they see a werewolf. Instead they'll compliment the costume and ask for a picture. In Dark ConFrontation the players play characters who are attending the convention for in character reasons (for example, an intergalactic peace conference is being held on Earth, so the authorities located it at the convention so as not to disturb the normal earth-folk). The players don't have to pretend you are in some mystical forest or ancient dungeon; the game is a convention within the convention. The characters are is attending a convention just like the players; it begins when the convention does, and ends when the players head home.

The game system has mechanics for playing outside of the "assigned" game-space and allowing bystanders to affect the game, if they notice something (like an in-game gunfight).

Although the Dark ConFrontation games include some reference to previous episodes, most history is written or re-written for each event. Some characters return from game to game, but the writers frequently tweak the history between games.

Contested actions in the Dark ConFrontation system are performed using coin flips. Each level of a skill determines how many coins you flip (heads are successes, tails are failures)



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