Día de los Sobres

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Día de los Sobres

Worcester, MA, USA
Theatre-style larp

Día de los Sobres ("Day of the Envelopes") is a one-day larp event held annually in Massachusetts. It has no fixed venue, but changes location each year, often taking place in private residences. Initially consisting of two larps run in the afternoon and evening, the larger venue in 2014 allowed four larps to be run.


  • Día de los Sobres (July 23 2011, Fitchburg, MA)
  • Día de los Sobres Dos (July 28 2012, WPI, Worcester, MA)
  • Día de los Sobres Tres (July 13, 2013, Watertown, MA)
  • Dia de los Sobres 2014 (August 10, 2014, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA)

Larps run at Día de los Sobres 2011

Name Country Run by
Resonance USA
Stars Over Atlantis USA

Larps run at Día de los Sobres Dos (2012)

Name Country Run by
A Garden of Forking Paths USA Nat Budin, Elisabeth Fracalossi, Kate Farb-Johnson
Folding the River USA Nat Budin, Tory Root, Liliya Benderskaya, Sparrow Rubin

Larps run at Día de los Sobres Tres (2013)

Name Country Run by
Agent Bobo of the Resistance USA Nat Budin, Viktoriya Fuzaylova, Andrew Sheingold
The Other Side of the Glass USA Tory Root, Liliya Benderskaya, Ray Bernfeld

Larps run at Día de los Sobres 2014

Name Country Run by
Star-crossed USA
The Dying of the Light USA
Return to the Gray USA
The Tales of Irnh USA