Crusade of Ashes

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Crusade of Ashes

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Vampire: the Masquerade, Sabbat
Conflict resolution system
2nd and 4th Fridays from 8-Midnight
June 2006
Games per year
24, approximately
HST - Brad Klinger, AST - Andrew Goodson
Participation fee
$2 per game
Rule system
Mind's Eye Theatre rules
Crusade of Ashes


Crusade of Ashes and it's satellite chronicle are members of One World By Night


In-character the game is based in an inflated version of Dubuque Iowa. A World of Darkness city boasting a population of just over a quarter-million people, Dubuque has become one of the most violent and corrupt cities on the planet.

Game history

Siezed for the Sabbat by the late Bishop Emmanuel Mictain over half a decade ago, the diocese of Dubuque has been transformed into one of the Sabbat's primary strongholds in the Midwest. It has endured the assaults of the Camarilla, the infernal, and less quantifiable foes in order to be forged into the mighty haven for the Sword of Caine that it is. Yet even for all it's strength, the diocese is a tattered and divided city. The ambitions of dozens of cainites tear it asunder every night, and the mortal world sits only a hairs breadth from turning their rage on their vampiric oppressors. And through it all, hidden enemies lie in wait for the unwary lick who ventures out alone...