Collision Imminent!

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Collision Imminent!

science fiction
Number of players
20-40 people; 12 fixed characters; the rest are horde
How long it runs
3-4 hours
Date written
First run on July 2, 2000
See below
Collision Imminent!


Collision Imminent! is a horde game about the unexpected end of the maiden voyage of the newest and most luxurious starliner of the Imagineerium™ fleet. A dozen players are cast in ongoing roles as the most excellent crew and the rest of the players acting as the "horde"--in this case simulating a whole starliner full of strange and interesting passengers.

This LARP draws inspiration from several tropes and characters of popular science fiction. It is meant to be quick-paced and, more often than not, several important events are happening at once. Collision Imminent! has often been called one of the loudest LARPs around.


Collision Imminent! was orignally written during the "Build Your Own Game" weekend at Intercon 15.5, where the group was convened on Friday night and the game was first run on Sunday morning. There have been some improvements over time, mostly in adding notes so that the game could be rerun successfully, and it has run several times since then, mostly thanks to the efforts of Tuesday Night Theatrical Productions.

A complete list of credits and those that have run this LARP since its creation can be found here. Collision Imminent! has been run several times already and more runs are planned.

Convention/Sponsor Location Date
Intercon 15.5 Timonium, MD 07.02.00
Intercon A Chelmsford, MA 03.10.01
Arisia '03 Boston, MA 01.07.03
OurCon XII Amherst, MA 04.12.03
WPI SFS Worcester, MA 11.15.03
DexCon VII East Brunswick, NJ 07.17.04
Intercon G Chelmsford, MA 03.04.07
Intercon J Chelmsford, MA 03.13.10
Conception 2012 Christchurch, Dorset, UK 01.28.12

Important notes

Collision Imminent! runs best in two rooms connected by two doors. One room represents the main playing area onboard the starliner (where the crew begins their game) and the other is used to prepare and brief horde players. Horde characters, representing passengers, enter through one door and leave through the other, back to be set up for their next role. The flow keeps the game moving quickly.

This LARP can (and will) get loud as it continues on and there can be some rough physical activity but no deliberate contact.

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