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The CHRONOS universal LARP system is a card-based ruleset for theatre-style larp campaigns published by Eschaton Media. The core rules for the game are free, but play requires a specialised card deck.

While claiming to be "universal", the system has a detailed underlying metaphysics and is designed to support crossworld play, similar to the TORG tabletop rpg. It supports different settings with specialist decks. Currently four settings are defined: ExArcana (Steampunk magic), Devil Days (50's rock n' roll demons), The Dreamless (Goblins vs Elves) and New Dorado (20's mobsters with magic).


Characters are defined by four core and three secondary characteristics, and are represented by a hand of five to fifteen cards, defining personality, skills, equipment, and special powers. Challenges are resolved by comparing values from a three-card hand, consisting of a core, speciality and item card, with powers able to substitute for the latter. The same system is used for combat, requiring the use of combat bubbles.


  • CHRONOS: Universal LARP System Core Rulesbook
  • CHRONOS: Universal LARP System Storyteller Guide
  • CHRONOS: Universal LARP System Core Deck
  • CHRONOS: Storyteller Deck
  • CHRONOS: Aether Support Deck
  • CHRONOS: ExArcana Corebook
  • CHRONOS: ExArcana Core Deck
  • CHRONOS: Powers Support Deck

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