Blood & Tears

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Blood & Tears

Steve Goldstein, Jessica Kauspedas, Josh Roby, Daniel Solis, John Wick
Wicked Dead Brewing Company

Blood & Tears is a set of theatre-style larp rules for the Houses of the Blooded tabletop roleplaying game. It requires Houses of the Blooded to play.

Character creation is done using the tabletop rules. The central mechanic is a bidding system, where characters offer each other style points for success. If an offer is refused, a character can insist, turning the contest from an offer into a negative-sum auction; rather than being gifted to the loser, all style points used are lost. Character traits can provide extra style for specific contests, but require style to invoke.

The game explicitly prohibits socially unapproved violence through an "attacker loses" system. However, characters can fight duels, and may gain style for doing so.

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