Ashes of Eden

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Ashes of Eden

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions

Cedar Rapids, IA
Demon: the Fallen
Conflict resolution system
2nd Sundays of the month from 8-Midnight
June 2009
Games per year
HST - Brad Klinger
Participation fee
Rule system
Laws of the Abyss, a Mind's Eye Theatre conversion written by Brad


Ashes of Eden is a Demon: the Fallen satellite chronicle of Crusade of Ashes.


Ashes of Eden is set in a slightly inflated World of Darkness version of Ames, Iowa. In this world, Ames is home to just over a quarter million desperate souls searching for some meaning to their otherwise oppressive and trivial lives.

Game history

Little is known what occurred prior to 2009. The two survivors, Lord Belisarius and the dark and enigmatic Jack only speak of the assault of a water-borne Earthbound destroying the city's fallen Court. Belisarius siezed control in the aftermath and kept the newly arrived fallen in line, charging them with thwarting the earthbound threat to ensure the city's safety. For three years, the city has limped on in fear and confusion hoping to see itself freed from the terror of greater demons.