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New England Interactive Literature


“Encouraging Live Action Role-Playing throughout New England and beyond.”

New England Interactive Literature

Mission statement

New England Interactive Literature (NEIL) works to encourage Live Action Role-Playing in the region in several ways, notably by hosting the New England incarnation of the premiere multi-genre all-LARP Intercon convention. NEIL looks for LARPers of all kinds, to run and play in games both at Intercon and elsewhere, all in the name of promoting LARP in New England and beyond. There is no one kind of Intercon LARP; Intercon and NEIL are all about promoting all the myriad ways of LARP.


Prior to NEIL's founding, the Interactive Literature Foundation (ILF) produced Intercon conventions in several places along the east coast of the United States. All parties involved felt it was more useful to develop local organizations to run regional Intercon conventions and NEIL was incorporated to produce the conventions in Massachusetts.

More information on the History of NEIL can be found on the New England Interactive Literature home page.

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