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any, with emphasis on Theater-style
Date written or started
begun in 1998
Johanna Mead
Advice for LARPers

Summary is a website maintained by Johanna Mead. Although not all of the site is LARP-related, of direct application to LARP is Mead's Unsolicited but Useful Advice for LARPers, which features a number of essays grouped into three main categories:

  • Logistics and Stuff: advice for game producers on the behind the scenes work involved in creating and running a LARP.
  • Character: advice for players on how to establish and flesh out a character role.
  • Costuming: advice on costuming for a variety of specific genres.

The site also links to gaming-related entries on Mead's blog, and provides her LARP CV, outlining past games she has been involved with, including her work with the LARP troupes Serious Moonlight and Chuckling Cthulhu.