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From IMDB: Über Goober focuses on the often-misunderstood, sometimes-controversial, and always-kind-of-geeky world of Gamers. Director Steve Metze examines several different groups including historical miniature gamers, role-players, and those known simply as "LARPers." The film also explores opposition from religious groups, negative media portrayals, and some of the meanest 'man-on-the-street' interviews ever committed to video. Meet the Gamers, learn their exotic language, see their bizarre rituals, gasp at their semi-authentic costumes, and thrill to the painting techniques on their miniatures!

Although the majority of this documentary is about gamers in general, LARPing is covered at the end of the film. Mr. Metze being a gamer and occasional LARPer himself, his intention with this film was to even-handedly present gaming communities to the viewer without using those gamers as an amusement at their expense. Mr. Metze filmed and interviewed many players from the LARP community in Austin, Texas and in Columbus, OH at Origins Gaming Convention.

"I actually started this Doc having been an RPGer but without knowing what LARP even stood for. I'd done LARPing, but it was just me and my friends and we didn't realize anyone else did it and certainly didn't have a name for it... " -Steve Metze