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|category=Organization Stubs
|name=Vermin & Valor Productions
|location=NY, USA
|genre=[[Theatre-style]] larp
|name=The Game Name
|motto=LARPS are cool!
|location=City, State
|genre=Is it fantasy, steampunk, sci-fi, modern horror, post-apocalypse, etc.
|combat_system=Heavy boffer combat, Light-Touch boffer combat, turn based, rock paper scissors, etc.
|duration=4-6 hours, Full Weekend, Day long
|established=When was the game established/started?
|events_per_year=How many events does this larp run per year?
|full_credits=who created, owns/manages, is a part of the GM team or is otherwise the head of the game
|participation_fee=cost to play the game
|rule_system=Custom rulebook, pre-published system (and if so where to find it/name), etc.
|homepage_link_text=Your link text here
Please delete this text and put in-game setting and history information here.
==Game history==
Please delete this text and note any out-of-game historical information about the game here. This may include who founded the game, details about its founding, why it was started, other people who have helped to lead it or have had a significant impact on it, etc.
==External links==
==External links==
Please delete this text and provide any other links to non-wiki sources here.
* [https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/VerminandValor/info Yahoo group]

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Vermin & Valor Productions

Theatre-style larp

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