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Joshua Kronengold

Josh, mneme

New York, NY
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About me

Mneme is Joshua Kronengold, the admin of this site. He has been Larping since 1992 or so, and writing and running Larps since early this century.


1992: Played Anton Myriad in Recon+10, a full weekend game, Nexus variant, at Dexcon 2

1993ish: Played a mis-assigned larva in It Was Better in Real Life, a full weekend game, at Arisia

1994ish: Played The Doctor, more or less in Mad Scientist Game, a Full weekend game, at Arisia

  • (more later -- earlyish Intercons, Straighjackets Optional games, Lullabye and Foambrain full-weekends, more recent Intercons, BYOG games, etc).

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