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Greater Seattle, WA area
Mortalis Games

About me

Amber is a long time LARPer who has enjoyed participation as both a player or staff in several LARPs that run the gamut of styles and genres. She's the designer of The Collective (a short lived pervasive LARP), head of Mortalis Games, a former LARP columnist on and maintains a couple of mailing for those in the USA and those throughout the world who like to take a more academic look at LARPing. She has also done the editing, design and typesetting for both academic publications put out in conjunction with WyrdCon (Journeys to another world and Branches of Play).

Currently she's involved with some other larpers in the Seattle area starting a non-profit. The working name for this project is Get-A-Life Games. She's also set up and provided the hosting space for the Larp Wiki.

Outside of LARPing Amber enjoys neo-folk music, Geocaching, reading about medieval history, game design and various other novels. She is a confirmed chocoholic, has been known to “kill pixels” at the computer and loves to spend time with her cat Schrödie.


Too many to list and remember. The two most notable for me were my elven scout named Aislyn in NERO Northwest back when it was alive and kicking many years ago and Samantha von Stahl, my Gangrel Invictus when I was a member of the Camarilla a few years back.

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