Time Travel Review Board

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Time Travel Review Board

Time-travel comedy
Number of players
12-18 (6 cast; rest horde)
How long it runs
4 hours
Date written
Susan Weiner, Vito D’Agosta, Josh Rachlin, Nat Budin
Time Travel Review Board

Time Travel Review Board is a horde game about time travel. One group of players - the main cast - plays the review board itself, while the horde plays those applying for permission to travel in time. The results of their trips alter history, and possibly the identity of the board members. The game is widely played, with Larp Resume listing 12 runs across the USA and UK.[1]

An interesting feature of the game is the ever-changing timeline. This is laid out on a wall or mobile whiteboard, and updated constantly by a dedicated GM.


Tragically-killed puppies. Embarassing TV gaffes. Burned toast.

These everyday tragedies are relics of the past now that time travel has been invented! But who will safeguard the past from those who would tamper with it for malicious purposes?

On December 1st, the Time Travel Review Board of the NSF will review all applications for time travel permits leaving during the year of 2104. Please come prepared to explain your project and the larger impact of your work.

History will be made (and unmade) as a horde of would-be time travelers descend upon our beleaguered review board. What will the past be tomorrow?

Time Travel Review Board is a light comedy horde LARP dealing with everything from the politics of Ancient Egypt to the King of Rock and Roll.


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