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Theatre-style (also theatreform, chamber game, parlour larp, or (in Australia and the UK) freeform) is a style of larp. It is typically contrasted with "live-combat" or "boffer" larp.


The theatre-style of larp appears to have been invented independently in different parts of the world. The first Australian "freeform" was run at CanCon in 1983 using the Traveller setting.[1] Brian Williams credits a series of "fantasy parties" run at the University of York by Andrew Rilstone as the origin on the style in the UK.[2]


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  1. "Free Form Role-Playing", Arcanacon I - 83 handbook (Arcanacon), p. 10. Retreived 5 January 2015. "in the pioneering freeform tournament at Canberra Games Convention '83 participating players were members of the crew of the ship 'Sarten Valador' whose personal role-playing interactions determined all events aboard ship... rather than sitting around a table... the players move about the game environment..."
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