The Westlands

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The Westlands

Seattle, WA
Weird West
Conflict resolution system
Light Boffer and NERF
Full Weekend
July 2013
Games per year
Richard and Kimera Hensman
Participation fee
$30 - $40 per game. Less for NPCs.
Rule system
Custom, check links for system.
The Westlands

The Westlands is a Weird West / Steampunk larp in the USA. The game is set in a fictional Western Frontiers town called Skeleton Creek, somewhere in the Western half of the North American continent, in the mid - late 1800s.

The game came about as part of a larger project, the eventual goal being to produce a table-top game, LARP and MMO set in the same world. The first game was run in July of 2013.

A kickstarter to fund a second year of the Westlands failed in 2014.[1]


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