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Do not directly include this template on a page, as it won't do anything.

This is a template to be copied and pasted onto glossary pages. There's a wide variation in how much detail is needed, so delete anything that isn't relevant.

A '''Glossary term''' is a larpy thing we want to define. If its limited to a particular larp community, say so. Try and avoid local slang expressions without wide useage. If you have references to back it up, include them like this<ref>Reference details</ref> and use the <references/> tag below to generate a citation list.

==Example games==
* [[Example 1]] - games of the type being described, or which use a particular mechanic etc

==See also==
* [[Related topic]] 


==External links==
* [ URL description] - e.g. on Wikipedia, Nordic larp wiki, German larp wiki