Snow White

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Snow White

Dark Fairy Tale
Number of players
How long it runs
4 hours
Date written
J. Li
Snow White

Snow White is an 8-player, 4 hour theatre-style larp based on the classic German fairy-tale and published by Shifting Forest Storyworks. It is widely run, and has run in larp communities in the USA and New Zealand.[1]


Of all traditional fairy tales that were adapted and censored for children in modern renditions, Snow White has perhaps undergone the most change. Today’s bedtime story of an innocent princess, seven happy little men and true love forgets the original undertones of desperation, passion, poverty, and sexuality. One cannot tell the true story of Snow White without going back to a time in which men were valued only for their size and stamina, and women only for their beauty and ability to bear children; a time in which glass was so rare that a polished mirror was truly a frightening thing of magic.

Most of the original characters and a few new ones are present in this adaptation of the older, darker, and more vivid story of Snow White. It is set in the hours before the execution of the Queen and subsequent wedding of the Prince and Princess. A time of last chances and new beginnings.


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