Sandman: Season of Mists

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Sandman: Season of Mists

Los Angeles, CA
Comic Book Fantasy
Conflict resolution system
Theater Style
4-6 hours
Date run
July 1993
Number of participants
approx. 25
Robert Hurt, Aaron Vanek (Enigma)


"Lucifer Morningstar has abdicated his throne in Hell, leaving the symbol of ownership with the Dream Lord, Morpheus. Many puissant entities converge in the Dreaming to bid for the Key to Hell, as well as other nefarious, secretive purposes."


The setting was drawn from Neil Gaiman's best-selling Sandman graphic novels. The plot followed the main story of Season of Mists, but allowed for the resolution to be determined by the actions of the characters.


The Sandman mythos proved popular with Enigma, and several sequels were produced by other designers:

  • Sandman II: A Game of You
  • Sandman 2.5: World's End (primarily centering on in-character story-telling)
  • Sandman 3: Brief Lives
  • Sandman 4: The Wake

External links

Website for The Wake, including cast list, rules, and a retelling of events at previous games and their relation to the published graphic novels.

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