Operation: Atlantis

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Operation: Atlantis

Full Weekend
Date run
First run: March 11-13, 1988

Operation: Atlantis is a weekend-long theatre-style larp with themes of international espionage and politics. Written by SILWest, it was first run at SiLiCon III in 1988.


FROM: Department of Counter-Intelligence

TO: All Operatives


As you are aware, world political conditions have rapidly worsened, following the accidental discovery of the Contra-Gravity generator by a drunk physics student at MIT. With antigravity an established fact, every country has become suspicious of every other, each convinced that the others will use the new technology to build bigger and deadlier weapons. Things looked bleak indeed, until someone in the United Nations proposed a brilliant idea though which the secret could be shared amongst all member nations: to construct a gigantic flying city, a project too immense for any single country to complete on its own. Thus was born OPERATION: ATLANTIS. After initial construction of the city was completed in Boston’s shipyards, the project was moved to a small island off the coast of Morocco, dubbed Atlantisport. In international waters,it looked like there could be no problems, but...


Is there any truth to the rumours that the Secret World Organization for Retribution and Destruction (SWORD) has been secretly controlling the construction of Atlantis? Could SWORD be attempting to turn the city into a gigantic weapons platform from which to rule the world? Why are so many dignitaries from the Church of Opus present on Atlantisport? Why did Col. Robert A. Ffolkes, head of the Committee On Constructing Atlantis (COCA), recently disappear? And what is the significance of the French authorities’ discovery of a body, dead for several years, yet still identifiable as that of the Colonel? What about the recent murder of noted banker Salvatore Ciarcia? Who on Atlantisport would want him dead? And what about the rumours that someone plans to tamper with the election for Mayor of Atlantis? Why did Interpol raid a COCA meeting, only to have most of the delegates vanish? And why was Russia’s most famous agent, the great Bolov Kornchechs, committed to a sanatorium after he was the only delegate to show up at the COCA meeting raided by Interpol? OPERATION: ATLANTIS is the real-time, real-space game of international espionage and intrigue in which players will take on the roles of politicians, diplomats, scientists, criminals, corporate executives, religious leaders, military officials, secret agents, and many, many others, each with their own background, alliances, goals, and desires. Enter the world of the super-spy and the assassin in the greatest espionage thriller ever played at RPI.


  • March 11-13, 1988 at SiLiCon III
  • March 25-27, 2011 at RPI
  • April 15 - 17, 2016 at RPI