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Nordic larp is a tradition of larp originating the Nordic countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. While the exact definition of the style is contested, central features include immersion, a collaborative style, and larps driven by an artistic vision.[1] Other observers have noted transparency, use of workshops and metatechniques, and the limited use of mechanics as distinguishing features.[2] While the 360 degree illusion is also associated with Nordic larp, black box larps and tape larps are also common.

Nordic Larp is extensively documented, via the Knutepunkt conferences and associated books, by books such as Nordic larp and The Nordic Larp Yearbook 2014, and special purpose volumes such as The Book of The White War. The documentation has enabled the style to spread and become internationally influential. Nordic larps have been run in the UK, USA, and other countries, while Nordic larp concepts are influencing larp globally.

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