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The Larp Wiki is intended to become a knowledgebase of information about larps, worldwide. A way to record the collective tribal knowledge that is scattered about the community. This will include, but is not exclusive to: historical, factual, theoretical, instructional and artistic information.

Please be aware of the following guides to help maintain consistency on this wiki:

Welcome to all our new wiki contributors and editors! Without you there wouldn't be a wiki. Thank you for your contributions and input.

Getting an account

In order to prevent spam, this editing wiki is limited to account-holders. To request an account, message Joshua Kronengold on facebook or email with a stated desire to become an editor of the wiki, a preferred username, and enough info to imply that you're a human being.

Starting Places

Here are some suggested starting places for browsing this wiki:

  • Larps - Individual LARP games. If your LARP belongs to an organization like The Camarilla or NERO please place it within the proper category.
  • Organizations - Non-profits, groups, companies, larpwright collectives, and others. This includes organizations like Amtgard, The Alliance and other organizations that run games.
  • Conventions - A list of LARP conventions or conventions with LARP elements.
  • Styles - Information specific to certain styles of larp.
  • How-to - Techniques and tools used to create things for a larp. This can be from building a boffer to how to sew a skirt or create a prop.
  • Media - Books, films, blogs, podcasts and other publications about larp.
  • Glossary - Terms and concepts used to talk about larp.
  • Projects - Other projects not covered by the above categories.
  • Timeline - A place to note significant dates and events that have happened. Examples are when organizations were founded or significant events happened such as the NERO vs. NERO court battle. Note the date(s) as the article title with the article body being the information about the date(s).
  • Academic - Articles discussing theory and listing of academic papers and presentations.
  • Rulesets - Information about different rulesets and where they can be bought or downloaded.


Please help us fill this wiki with any information we've missed. If you see something that's wrong, fix it. If you see an article that's missing, start it, or add a redlink somewhere. A wiki is a community, and it works by everyone contributing. Be bold in your edits - the worst you can be is wrong, and then someone else will fix it for you.

There is further guidance in the Style Guide, Contributor Guidelines and Page Policy. If in doubt, check the community portal.

If you're not sure how to edit the wiki, consult the User's Guide or check the Editing the wiki page.

Getting started

Here are some good places to start:

What This Is

  • A concise database of game design tools, games, groups, movements, conventions, and other information that the larp community would find of use.
  • A relevant and useful toolbox for larp game designers and organizers.
  • A resource for players, designers, and GMs within the larp community.

What This Isn't

  • Restricted purely to externally sourced items. If we restrict ourselves entirely to things that would be acceptible on Wikipedia, then they might as well -be- on Wikipedia. Original data is fine, but try to retain NPOV (and the other pillars) except where the context makes that inappropriate.
  • A closed resource -- the intent of this site is to document the larp community; if this means having other resources available that are more than encyclopediac, so be it.
  • Any person's private domain. Everyone within or interested in studying the Larp community is welcome, and nobody will be shut out unless they are behaving abusively.

Permissions and rights

By editing, uploading, or adding to this wiki, you are licensing the work you contribute with the same license the wiki itself is distributed with unless you otherwise note. This means you must have the rights to do so. If you add content that you cannot license CC NC SA, please note that so it doesn't get misused.

Who's Behind This

The Larp Wiki is made by everyone and anyone who's makes the choice to contribute. It is managed by Joshua Kronengld (, and was started with data gratefully exported from the US Larp Wiki when that was, sadly, shut down. A Facebook community is available for discussing strategy regarding this wiki (and other Larp documentation projects, such as Larp Resume) here.

Who started the US Larp Wiki

The US Larp Wiki was started by the members of the US LARP Academia mailing list with contributors drawn from all across the US larp scene and administrated by Amber E. It was run completely non-profit for the benefit of the US larp community.

Why not the International Larp Wiki

The International Larp Wiki is an excellent resource, and we wish them all the best and encourage that our contributors also contribute there as well. However, there are four reasons we started this wiki rather than just folding into theirs and encourage you to contribute to it:

  1. The International Larp Wiki has a very country-focused divide to their data, whereas here we strive for a holistic approach, only making country distinctions where they are warranted.
  2. This wiki was started with the very large amount of data contributed to the US Larp Wiki project, and since their (and our) license is not compatible with the International Larp Wiki, it is well worth maintaining a separate project for data that -does- allow commercial inclusion so that the data can be preserved as long as attribution is kept.
  3. Since we're using a recent version of MediaWiki (with Semantic Web), we have a lot of features available here that should make for a much more useful dataset.
  4. That wiki isn't really updated and doesn't have a lot of data; hopefully we can get much more velocity here.