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Name Author(s) Genre(s) Number of Players Playable Online? Link
The 1914-15 Research Survey of the Los Angeles County River Basin Tim Hutchings Historical 2 Probably Not Download
5E Compatible Larp Mendel Schmiedekamp Fantasy 4 Maybe Download
Abattoir (Cattle and Death) Mike Young, Scott David Grey Animals 11 No Download
The Abortionists Jon Cole Historical 3 Probably Not Download
ACIS: Adventurer Caregivers In Support (of Adventurer Caregivers) Kate Hill Fantasy 4-6 Yes Download
Across Eons Rhiannon Chiacchiaro Sci-Fi 2-6 Yes Download
Across the Border Randy Lubin Modern 4-11 No Download
Afterlife Xavid, Jayson Lynch, Katie Sedlar, Faye Dukhovni Religion, Mythology, Afterlife 11-17 No Download
Agents of &@#$^(&* Jacob Gleize Modern, Political, Sci-Fi 3+ Yes Download
All Good Things Steffie de Vaan Other 2+ Maybe Download
All I Want for Christmas is to Cancel the Office Holiday Party David Rothfeder Modern, Religion 6 Yes Download
All Options Jon Cole Historical 3-4 Probably Not Download
All the President's Zombies Mike Beddes Apocalyptic, Politics 8 Yes Download
All We Have is Us Casey Lucas Modern 3-6 Yes Download
The Always Waltz Alex Brune, Caro Murphy Horror, Romance, Historical, Fantasy 15 No Download
The Amazing Sex Scene Rewrite Andrea Rick, Beatrix Livesey-Stephens, Gerrit Reininghaus, Susanne Modern 2-5 Maybe Download
Among the Mortals Randy Lubin Mythology 2 No Download
Area 51 Flynn Geraghty, Bri Mazurek, Alyssa Bump, Jacob Tolonen, Sercan Sengun Sci-Fi 4+ Maybe Download
Are You Like Ok? Carly Kocurek Historical 4-10 Yes Download
Are You There God? It's the Quarterly Earnings Report Margo Gray Mythology, Religion, Fantasy 5-8 Yes Download
The art of governing lands and peoples Rafael Carneiro Vasques Historical, Political 4 Probably Download
As We Know It Carly Ho Mythology, Religion, Apocalyptic 5-8 No Download
At Arm's-Length Tayler Stokes Modern 5 No Download
Autonomy Ash Kreider Modern 6-9 Maybe Download
The Awful Truth Hank Kuhfeldt Fantasy 12-16 Maybe Download
Badass Fuckin' Disabled Wizards Hazel Anneke Dixon Fantasy 2-5 Yes Download
The Barbecue Jenny Diewald, Marsha Gershon, Jaelen Hartwin, Sarah Judd, Joshua Kronengold, Gaylord Tang Modern 10 Maybe Download
The Bathcave Gerrit Reininghaus Animals 2-6 Yes Download
The Bathhouse Rei England Queer, Religion, Mythology 4-6 Yes Download
The Battle for Control Of The Soul of the Republican Party Intercon 7.5 Build Your Own Game Panel, John Corrado, Jr. Political, Humor ? Probably Not Download
The Beasts Within extramrdo Horror 2+ Yes Download
Before the Ordeal Jamey Patton, Cyrus Nations Fantasy 4-5 Probably Not Download
Bell The Cat (Politics and Cheese!) Mike Young Animals 8 Yes Download
Best Friends Don't Have to be Forever Quinn D, Eva Schiffer Modern 4-16 No Download
Be the Change You Wish to Sea Ace Tayloe, K. Zdepski, Laura Willard, Anna Rose O'Shea, Evanleigh Davis Apocalyptic, Fantasy 5-14 No Download
Be Witch J. Michael Arons Historical, Fantasy 2+ Yes Download
A Birthday Surprise Gordon Olmstead-Dean, Kenneth Brown Mystery 11-15 Probably Not Download
bitter/SWEET after/LIFE Olivia Montoya Romance, Afterlife 2 Maybe Download
Bleeding Heart of the Woods Sean Chitty Horror 4-6+ No Download
Blessed Be the Host of the King of Heaven! Tayler Stokes Mythology, Religion 3-7 No Download
Blessed Be Their Name Aer van de Water Modern, Religion, Queer 5-12 Yes Download
#BossBabe Olivia Montoya Modern 8-11+ Yes Download
The Bronze Viper Award Committee Peter S. Svensson Modern, Meta 4-6 Yes Download
Burial By Ash Sadia Bies Apocalyptic, Horror 4-10 Yes Download
Burning4 Lorenzo Trenti Modern 2-5 Probably Not Download
Bus Stop 25th Anniversary Edition Douglas Milewski Modern 10 Maybe Download
C@irn Caue Reigota, Tadeu Rodrigues, Vitor Soriano Modern, Fantasy, Sci-Fi 4 Yes Download
Calculations Caro Murphy Sci-Fi 3-4 No Download
Calling Down: A Phone LARP Peter Hagmann Horror, Modern 2 Yes Download
Call Your Mother R. Hart Modern 2 Yes Download
The Campfire Zane Brown Modern 3-6 Yes Download
Can't Stop, Won't Stop: #Freehongkong W. M. Lam, Ben Bisogno Modern 2 Yes Download
Casting Katarzyna Suppan Modern 4+ No Download
Cast Party Susan Weiner Modern, Romance 8 Maybe Download
Catharsis Laurel Halbany Mythology, Religion 2+ Maybe Download
Ceremony of Innocence M. Belanger Historical, Horror, Fantasy 8 Probably Not Download
Chess The Musical LARP Tsushi Historical 12-17 Probably Not Download
[CITATION NEEDED]: A Game of Wikipedian Archaeology Ben Aldred, Joanna Tova Price, Gaylord Tang Sci-Fi 3-6 Yes Download
City Council of Hound's Teeth Susan Weiner, Vito D'Agosta Fantasy, Humor 13-22 Probably Not Download
ClusterFubar Dustin Freeman Humor, Varies, Action 3-8 No Download
Colonel Sebastian T. Rawhide's Circus of the Spectacular Mike Young Humor 14-22 Probably Not Download
Con Con 20XX Wesley Skym Superhero ? Probably Not Download
The Confluence Olivia Montoya Fantasy, Mythology, Religion 3-13 Yes Download
cution Jonas Richter Varies ? Probably Not Download
Consumption Brendan Butts, Caro Murphy Sci-Fi 6-7 No Download
Contact Center Ken Davidson Modern 2 Yes Download
The Court of Ferns Alexa Kirchner Experimental 1+ No Download
Crow Moyra Turkington Animals 2 Maybe Download
A Crow Funeral Tim Hutchings Animals, Mystery 2-10 Possibly, with modifications Download
Crypt Kickers Eternity Games Horror, Humor 4-6 Yes Download
Cuppa Tea? John Bowler Modern 3+ No Download
Curimba Caue Reigota, Tadeu Rodrigues, Vitor Soriano Religion 4 or 6 Yes Download
CyberCracker Eric Fritz Sci-Fi 3-8 Yes Download
Dark Reflections Acata Felton Fantasy, Horror 2 Yes Download
Dawn of the Monster Invasion Randy Lubin Humor, Horror 3-6 Yes Download
Dead Man's Party: Vincent Throws a Kegger! Stephanie Olmstead-Dean, Paul S. Dwyer, Gordon Olmstead-Dean Modern, Mystery 50 No Download
Death at Bancroft Manor Kathleen De Smet, Tasha Robinson, Eva Schiffer Historical, Mystery 6 Maybe Download
The Debrief Shawn O'Hara Sci-Fi 2 Yes Download
The Decline and Fall the Family Birthday Dan O'Hanlon Modern 5+ Probably Not Download
The Decline of Panopticritia E.E. COLI Fantasy 6-8 Yes Download
Density Monstrosity Orion Canning Horror 3+ Yes Download
Different from All Other Nights Anne Ratchat Religion 2-8 Yes Download
Dinner for The Recently Deceased Recreational Cannibalism Horror, Dinner, Food 5-12 Maybe Download
Dirty Laundry Chance J. Feldstein Modern, Dinner 4-10 No Download
Disciplinary Countess Dillymore Historical, Lesbian 4-6 Yes Download
Do I Even Exist Anymore? Hannah J. Gray Sci-Fi 2 Yes Download
Doing It for Science Marshall Bradshaw, "Them-pire" DC Crew Sci-Fi 6-8 No Download
Dread the LARP Mike Young, John Swann Horror 8 No Download
Dread the LARP 2 Mike Young, John Swann Horror 10 No Download
Dream Phone of Cthulhu Caitlin Russell, Dustin Freeman Horror, Historical 3-6 Yes Download
Eccentric Millionaire Nick Wedig Mystery 6-24 Yes Download
The Elect Suzanne Schenewerk Religion 3-6 Maybe Download
Emotional Baggage Quinn D, Steve Vig, Susan Weiner Modern 7 Maybe Download
Enchanted Laundromat (Strangeness at 3:00 AM) Mike Young Modern 6 No Download
Encrypt Alexandra Danilenko, Lev Tolmachev, Anna Gorovaya Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk 3-8 Yes Download
Equinox Retreat Sandy Bailly Fantasy 6-12 No Download
Eulogy Terry Crew Modern 4+ Maybe Download
Everywhere is Now Xavid Religion, Mythology 6-12 No Download
Exodiplomacy Marshall Bradshaw, Susanne Vejdemo Sci-Fi 6-12 Yes Download
Fading Dreams J. Tuomas Harviainen Modern 15 Maybe Download
Fading Lights Edwin Karat, Jakob Weisblat, Xavid Fantasy 5-12 No Download
Fading Signal Sadia Bies Sci-Fi 3 Yes Download
The Final Voyage of the Mary Celeste Jim MacDougal Sci-Fi, Historical, Fantasy 13-17 Not with this version Download
The Fire at Midnight Frank Branham Horror, Fantasy, Modern, Mystery 10-12 No Download
First Sabbat Kate Hill, Charlotte Dragga Religion, Historical 4-6 Yes Download
Five-Hundred And Fifty-Five Meters Mehitabel Glenhaber Modern 2 Yes Download
Flew the Coop Henry Kuhfeldt Animals, Humor 5-15 No Download
Forever and Never Julian Blechner Apocalyptic, Never 4-8 Maybe Download
Forgetting Your Touch Maria Mison, Sword Prince Games Experimental 2 No Download
Forgiveness Olivia Montoya Religion, Afterlife 4 No Download
The Forgotten Andrew Medeiros Modern 4-10 No Download
The Fortunate Ones Julian Blechner Sci-Fi 2 Yes Download
Full Moon's Feast Larry Dembski Modern, Dinner, Horror, Food, Queer 3-8 No Download
The Future of Sports Jae Krehbiel Sci-Fi 3+ Yes Download
Galactic Express Mundane Pixel Sci-Fi, Humor 2 Yes Download
The Game Developers! Alex Sprague, Jess Geyer Humor 2+ Yes Download
Games Within Games Jon Cole Historical, Spy 4 Probably Not Download
A Garden of Forking Paths Susan Weiner, Vito D'Agosta, Nat Budin Modern 12 Not without a special Discord bot Download
Garden of Pathos Chance J. Feldstein Fantasy 5-10 Probably Not Download
The Gate Katherine Bryant, Caro Murphy Fantasy 5-12 Yes Download
Getting to Philosophy Lizzie Stark, Jason Morningstar Humor 2 Yes Download
The Glimpse Karolina Soltys Modern, Sci-Fi 6 Yes Download
God of Vengeance J. R. Goldberg Historical 4 Maybe Download
the god that lives where the cigarette butts grow Zoe Bloom Religion 4-6+ Yes Download
Good Morning Vivien Grimm Sci-Fi, Dystopia 6-7 Maybe Download
The Good Samaritan Acata Felton Religion, Philosophy 1-8 Yes Download
Grandpa Lizzie Stark, Jason Morningstar Afterlife, Humor 4-6 Yes Download
The Greater Trumps Ken Brown, Hugh Eckert, Dave Singer Fantasy, Mythology, Apocalyptic 35 No Download
Great Unknown Tracy Cooper Sci-Fi 3-5 Yes Download
Greenwood Neo-Necropolis Alex Kingsley Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Afterlife 9-10 Yes Download
Gross Girls Larry Dembski Modern 3-6 No Download
Gunner & Sarge Mike Young Sci-Fi 2 Maybe Download
Hack/Enhance Banana Chan, Eric Mersmann Modern 4-6 Probably Download
Helga & Tamuz Mike Young Experimental, Religion 2 Probably Download
The Hench Union LARP Sam Dunnewold Superhero 4-6 Yes Download
Here Is My Power Button Brodie Atwater Sci-Fi 4-7 Yes, with modifications Download
High Crimes and Misdemeanors Gordon Olmstead-Dean Modern, Political 6-18 Probably Not Download
High Noon Justin Joyce Historical, Western 8 No Download
Holiday Season Mike Young Religion, Humor 14 Probably Not Download
How are you? Alessandro Giovannucci, Margherita Masetti, Wendy Columbo Modern 2 Yes Download
"How Will You Play?" Samantha Yuen Modern 5-13 No Download
Humans vs. Humans 2017: Outlaw SCAD HvH Western, Post-Apocalyptic Varies, a lot No Download
Humans vs. Humans 2018: Wasteland SCAD HvH Post-Apocalyptic Varies, a lot No Download
Humans vs. Monsters: Diplomacy Mike Young Fantasy, Humor 6 Yes Download
The Hyssop Box Eternity Games Horror 3+ Yes Download
I Don't Have Much Time... Hazel Dixon Apocalyptic 2 Yes Download
I Know You're There Richard Kelly Horror 2 No Download
I Love You, I'm Leaving You Paolino Caputo Romance 2 No Download
Imaginary Problems Gilbert S, David Neubauer, Ceridwen Anne Fantasy 3-5 Yes Download
The Importance of Being Convergent Matt Peairs, Xavid Fantasy 5-12 No Download
In Adakias' Shadow Dionysian Gaming Fantasy, Afterlife 8 Probably Not Download
Inside Mike Young's Room (Revelations, Diplomacy, and Terror!) Mike Young Fantasy 6 Probably Not Download
Interment Jay Iles Fantasy, Afterlife 2+ No Download
Interplanetary Federation - The Cadet Years John Hawley, Eva Schiffer Sci-Fi 12 Maybe Download
In the Jungle Susan Weiner, Vito D'Agosta Modern 7-12 Maybe Download
In the Queue Rei England Varies 2 Probably Download
I Pray God Will Curse the Writer Nick Wedig Horror, Fantasy, Apocalyptic 6-19 Probably Not Download
It's All Good Tim Hutchings Historical 4-10 Probably, with modifications Download
It's a Me, Murder Kristina Marina Mystery, Food, Dinner 12 Probably Not Download
IT'S FUN TO LOSE AND TO PRETEND miserytourism Superhero 4 No Download
I Was a Teenage Mutant from Outer Space John Corrado, Jr. Sci-Fi 36 No Download
Jewel Warriors Acata Felton Fantasy 3-5 Yes Download
Karaoke in My Heart Kazumi Chin, Pammu Music, Modern, Karaoke 4-6 Probably Not Download
The Lady in the Tower Kathleen De Smet, Eva Schiffer Historical, Romance 3 Maybe, with modifications Download
LARPers Anonymous Mik Reed, Drew Novick, Mags Simkins, David Cave Modern 10 Maybe Download
The Last 12 Hours Jules Waller Apocalyptic 4 Yes Download
Last Rites Luke Jordan Sci-Fi 2-6 Maybe Download
The Lesser Players' Tale Lizzie Stark, Jason Morningstar Historical 6 Probably Not Download
Let's You and Him Flyte Dr. Thunderbeard Productions Historical, Post-Apocalyptic, Mythology 5-9 Probably Not Download
The Life, Death, and Apotheosis of Bastard Jim Aleks Samoylov Experimental 2-6+ No Download
Lineage Majcher Arcana Modern 13 No Download
Linebacker II Tim Hutchings Historical, War 6 Maybe Download
Livescreamer Olivia Montoya Horror 3-11 Yes Download
Longevity™ Laura Wood Sci-Fi 4-6 Yes Download
The Long Rest Dan O'Hanlon Fantasy 4 Yes Download
Long Story: A Deep Time LARP Laura op de Beke Sci-Fi, Animals 2+ Maybe Download
Lover, Liar, Leaper, Thief Jamey Harvey Horror, Mystery 3 Yes Download
Magic Fish Pond Tim Hutchings Modern, Animals 4+ Maybe Download
The Magic Mountain Samuel Liberty Historical 3-7 Probably Not Download
Mark's Half-Eaten Burger Larp Phil Vecchione Modern, Food, Humor 5-6 Maybe Download
Marlowe 2020 Kirt Dankmeyer, Jon Lemich Sci-Fi 12-24 Maybe Download
Mars Attracts Graham Arnold, Kath Banks, Graham Charles, Steve Hatherley, Mo Holkar Sci-Fi, Romance 12 Maybe Download
Mayday Ghost Writer, Mike Young Humor, Political 14+ No Download
Melt Me Naohisa Irata, Ben Bisogno Queer 2-6 Yes Download
Memory Palace Olivia Montoya Fantasy 6-33 Yes Download
Metaphorphosis: a game about queer language and legacy Gabe Sopocy Queer 4 Yes Download
Metempsychosis Dymphna Coy Experimental 2 Maybe Download
Midnight Mi'ors Jessica Creane Fantasy 2 Yes Download
Miles Below Midnight J. Walton Sci-Fi 2 Yes Download
Mirror Mirror Quinn D, Megan Coppock, Eva Schiffer Fantasy 2 Yes Download
Mis/Con/Nect Jason Cox Modern 2-4 Yes Download
Misfit Mechanics: The Final Roll Robbie Boerth Meta 3-6 Yes Download
Missing You Chance J. Feldstein Horror, Fantasy 2 Yes Download
The Monster's Last Request Chance J. Feldstein Historical, Animals, Fantasy 7+ No Download
Mortal Affairs Review Board Chance J. Feldstein Mythology, Fantasy, Religion 4-6 Yes Download
Negöt The Fourth River Modern 2 Yes Download
Nepenthe Bruce Glassco Sci-Fi 13 Maybe Download
Nimble Things Hazel Anneke Dixon Fantasy, Modern 4-8 Yes Download
The No-Fly List Jacqueline Bryk Modern 3+ Yes Download
No Sex in the Holodeck Julian Blechner Sci-Fi 4-6 Yes Download
No Thanks to Miami Mike Hamblet Games Experimental 1+ Probably Not Download
Now Presenting... Peter S. Svensson Varies, Experimental 1+ Maybe Download
Nun Larp Morgan Davie Humor 25-100 No Download
The Obstruction Method Jason Morningstar Historical 4-6 No Download
One Giant Leap David Miessler-Kubanek Sci-Fi 3-6 Yes Download
One Life Anandi Gandolfi Fantasy 9-13 Maybe Download
One Line at a Time Côme Martin and Kobal Humor 4-6 Maybe Download
On The Hunt Robert C. Alferez Fantasy, Horror 5-12 No Download
On the Remarkable Nomenclature of the Recently Recovered Survey Maps of the Lost 1999 Peabody Expedition to Greater Cydonia Tim Hutchings Sci-Fi 2+ Probably Not Download
Otherlings Chance J. Feldstein Fantasy, Afterlife, Queer 4-6 Maybe Download
The Other, Other, Other All Batman Game Mike Young Superhero, Humor 9 Maybe Download
Our Friends Over There Tim Hutchings Sci-Fi 4+ Maybe Download
Panel: The LARP Justin du Coeur Humor 25-50 No Download
Pan's Drawer Gui DR Modern 3+ Yes Download
The Paradise Machine Jacqueline Bryk Mythology, Fantasy, Sci-Fi 11 Probably Not Download
The Perfect Dungeon Ken Davidson Fantasy 2+ Yes Download
Personal Testimony from the Last Kings of Heaven J. Walton Historical 3-5+ Yes Download
Philadelphia Scramble Mehitabel Glenhaber, Robert Rusch Sci-Fi, Mystery, Historical 8 No Download
Pictures in an Exhibition Halden Ingwersen, Miles Lizak Art, Fantasy Up to 7 Yes Download
Pilgrimage to the Center of the Earth Rebecca Maxfield Fantasy, Religion 4-6 Yes Download
A Plague Among Us Moyra Turkington Historical 3-5 Yes Download
Plan Eight From Outer Space Mike Young Sci-Fi, Humor 8 Yes Download
The Podcast of Us Stuart Lilford Post-Apocalyptic, Horror 3+ No Download
Potatoes & Politics Olivia Fischer Modern, Mythology, Religion 4-8 Yes Download
Pounded In The Butt By A Microgame Jacqueline Bryk Humor, Romance, Fantasy 8-14 Maybe, with modifications Download
PRAWN Mike Young Humor, Animals 6-20 No Download
PRAWN 2 Mike Young Humor, Animals 6-20 No Download
PRAWN 3 Mike Young Humor, Animals 6-20 No Download
Princess to Princess, Tea and Cakes Penelope Valentine Gale Fantasy 2 Probably Not Download
PROJECT: Canary Bunny Kimber Sci-Fi 3 Yes Download
Pseudopenis Charlotte Dragga, Kate Hill Animals 3 Probably Not Download
Q.B. Maria Guarneri Food, Modern 2 No Download
Quarantine Larry Dembski Varies 4 Probably Download
Queer and Together at the End of the World gamesforsquids Apocalyptic, Queer 3-5 Yes Download
Recipe: Competitive Cooking Show! Jacqueline Bryk Modern, Food 6+ Maybe Download
Red String FizzBop Horror, Mystery 1+ Probably Not Download
The Regency Committee on Decorum and Punchbowl Poop Prevention Fluckadrift Historical 4-6 Yes Download
Rehearsal, Replay Dave Cave, Jon Marcus, Eva Schiffer, Adira Slattery Sci-Fi 6 Maybe Download
The Reservoir Child Larry Dembski Modern, Queer 3-5 No Download
Re:Solve vesta Paranormal, Mystery 2-6 Yes Download
Resonance Vito D'Agosta, Susan Weiner, Nat Budin, Phoebe Roberts Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi 15 Probably Not Download
The Road Not Taken Mike Young Modern 6-12 Maybe Download
The Road Not Taken - Additional Scenarios Mike Young Modern 6-12 Maybe Download
Saturday Market Nat Budin Humor 5-12 Probably Not Download
Scattered: A Multiversal Adventure Chance J. Feldstein, Matthew Valentine Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Varies 3-10+ Yes Download
A Second Chance for Wings Jenny Diewald, Sarah Judd, Josh Kronengold, Alon Levy, Michael McAfee, Lisa Padol, Gaylord Tang Sci-Fi 5 Yes Download
Send N00ds Jacqueline Bryk Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk 2+ Maybe Download
A SERPENT OF ASH J. Tuomas Harviainen Modern, Religion 2+ Maybe Download
The Shadow Keeper Pirgos Arcana Horror 3-10 Maybe Download
The Shadow Over Bridgetown Qristy Overton Horror, Sci-Fi 7-10 Probably Not Download
Shadows Jacqueline Bryk Horror 3+ Probably Not Download
Shapeshifter Problems Moss / beatingthebinary Fantasy, Modern, Queer 3-6 Yes Download
The Sharing July Pilowsky, Matthew Kamm Sci-Fi 15 Probably Not Download
Siege Mentality II J. Tuomas Harviainen, Roger Gammans Apocalyptic Up to 10 Maybe Download
Sign: A Game About Being Understood Thorny Games Historical 4-7 Probably Not Download
A Single Step Laura Wood Dystopian 2+ Partially Download
Slash Michael K. Young Romance, Humor, Sci-Fi, Fantasy 16 Probably Not Download
🌸⚔️Slow Motion Anime Duel⚔️� Nat Silverman Romance 2-4 Yes Download
Snapshot Fen Slattery Modern 2 Maybe, with modifications Download
Snuggle Bunny Ring Wraiths (Television Gone Wrong) Mike Young Fantasy, Humor 8 Probably Not Download
So It Has Come To This Rei England Fantasy 2 Maybe Download
Somehow everything here looks like home Thomas Christophel Modern 5-8 Maybe Download
A Song For Our Remakers Raph D'Amico Sci-Fi 2-5 Yes Download
The Space Between Us Wibora Wildfeuer Sci-Fi 5 Yes Download
A Space Operetta Ken Brown, Gordon and Stephanie Olmstead-Dean Sci-Fi, Humor 14-30 Probably Not Download
Speak Through Me gamesforsquids Afterlife, Religion 2 Yes Download
Speed Dating Without the Dating Rowan B Modern 8 Yes Download
Star Route Kathleen De Smet, Eva Schiffer Sci-Fi, Romance 2 Yes Download
Stellar Drift Randy Lubin Sci-Fi 2+ Yes Download
Stitchcraft Liz Stong Fantasy 2+ Yes Download
Strangers on a Bus Bruce Glassco Modern 5 Maybe Download
Sugar Plum Bury Larry Dembski Modern, Fantasy 1-25 No Download
Summer's Last Rose Neal Stidham Fantasy 5+ Yes Download
Sunrise Anthony Drapeau Horror 2-5 Yes Download
Swan Song: A Karaoke LARP Oliver Hong Modern, Karaoke 8 Probably Not Download
Sweet Lavender Ben Bisogno Historical, Queer 2 Maybe Download
Sweet Sweet Cookies Ben Bisogno Modern, Food 2 Yes Download
Swindler's Market Jonathon P. Jahraus, Doug Mcgraw, Michael A. Rickey Fantasy 4-6 Maybe Download
Talk To Me Axelle Cazeneuve Varies 2 Yes Download
Taller Than Space is Wide Alexa Kirchner Sci-Fi 1+ Yes Download
TANKERS - an isolation game Sarah Cook Sci-Fi 3+ Yes Download
Tempus Frangit Mike Young Fantasy 10 Probably Not Download
That escalated quickly - The end of a mailing list Gerrit Reininghaus Modern, Humor 4-20 Yes Download
These Old Bones Erykah Fassett Modern 2+ Probably Not Download
They Who Play With Lightning Quinn D, Eva Schiffer Sci-Fi, Mystery 5 Yes Download
Third Date Susan Weiner Romance 4-8 No Download
This Can Be True If We Say So Chloe Mashiter Modern 4-6 Yes Download
This is Fine Soft Chaos, Jenny Bacon Apocalyptic, Comedy 3+ No Download
THIS JUST IN! Jess Rowan Marcotte Modern 4 Probably Not Download
Time to Leave Ian Howard Modern, Varies 4+ Yes Download
Time Travel Review Board Susan Weiner, Vito D’Agosta, Jaelen Hartwin, Nat Budin, Anne Wiltgen Sci-Fi, Humor 12-24 Maybe Download
A Tiny Person Tim Hutchings Horror 1+ No Download
To All Those I've Hurt: A Game of Digital Apologies Dare Hickman Comedy 4+ Yes Download
To Boldly Hakuho Wendy Gorman Sci-Fi 2-5 Yes Download
Too Late Xavid Fantasy 7 Probably Not Download
Torch Andy Morales Sci-Fi 3-9 Probably Not Download
Tournament of the Jade Viper: A Martial Arts Rock-Paper-Scissors LARP Jack Rosetree Sci-Fi, Fantasy ? Maybe Download
Trainsformation Xavid Sci-Fi 8 Probably Not Download
Transference Casper Bloom Sci-Fi 2-6 Maybe Download
Trapped Mike Young Modern 4 Probably Not Download
The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf Sage Shepperd, Joshua Sheena, Jaelen Hartwin, Nat Budin Animals 5-12 Probably Not Download
Trick or Treat (Hordes of Fun) Mike Young Modern, Humor 5+ Probably Not Download
Triple Blind Mike Young Modern 9 Maybe Download
Trying Avital Lubin Modern 1-10+ No Download
A Turn on the Radiance Rose Doug Freedman, Sue Lee, Kristen Pierson, Eva Schiffer, Steve Vig Historical 10 Probably Not Download
The Uncivilized Guest Mike Young Fantasy, Modern 10-20 Probably Not Download
An Unconventional Odyssey Kirt Dankmyer, Jon Lemich Horror, Humor 5-12 No Download
Uneasy Lies the Head Ben Walker, Susan Bailey, Zach Hauptman, Daniel Bockelmann, Olivia Montoya Fantasy, Humor 5-15 Yes Download
Uninvited Lorenzo Trenti Horror, Mystery 2-4 Yes Download
Us Humans Live Here Tim Hutchings Sci-Fi 2 Maybe, with modifications Download
The Usual Sacrifices A Curry Dish Horror, Humor, Religion 6-12 Probably Not Download
Venice Kate Dicey, Steve Hatherley, Tym Norris, Debbie Hollingworth Historical 15 Probably Not Download
Voyagers: A Larp Duet Margo Gray Sci-Fi 2 Yes Download
The Waiting Room Tayler Stokes Experimental 8+ No Download
A Wake in the Dream of the Last Drawer Christopher Tang Superhero, Meta 3-6 Yes Download
Warming Xavid Religion, Modern 3-10 No Download
Washed Clean Sadia Bies Fantasy 1-4 No Download
Way Out West (Free Version) Tracey Bose Mystery, Western, Historical 10 No Download
We Consign Them to the Deep Hazel Anneke Dixon Fantasy 2-6 Yes Download
We Gotta Tell Todd Jae Krehbiel Modern 4 Probably Download
Well, This Is Awkward... Chloe Mashiter Superhero 6 Yes Download
The We-ness Albert Kong, Anne Selke, Nathan Vanderpool, Joe Edelman Experimental 2-6+ Maybe Download
We, Robot Ben Walker, Susan Bailey, Zach Hauptman, Daniel Bockelmann, Olivia Montoya Sci-Fi 5-12 Yes Download
What To Do About Earth Matt Michaelson Sci-Fi, Humor 4-6 Yes Download
Where the Journey Takes Us Aaron Silverman Post-Apocalyptic, Fantasy 4-10 Yes Download
Whisk Me Away Avital Lubin Food, Romance 6-20 Yes Download
Who The Funk Do You Think You Are? Countess Dillymore Gay, Modern 1+ Yes Download
Who We Are John Gotschall Fantasy 5-10 Yes Download
Windows Into Night Emily Care Boss Fantasy 2-6 Yes Download
Wishing Well Sarah, Xavid Fantasy 9 No Download
Witching Hour Jessica Barthelt Horror 3-4 Yes Download
You, Meme and the Team Juliette Sinoir, Romain 'Emrys' Vimal du Monteil Modern 2-6 Yes Download
[Your Game Here] By [Your Name Here] Mike Young Varies 6-9 No Download
YOUR MOVE!: A LARP About Card Games Olivia Spankhorn Modern 2 Yes Download
Zoom Your Way to Healing, Love, and Intimacy with Shad McConkey Lizzie Stark, Jason Morningstar Varies 3-4 Yes Download
Žižek Goes On A Picnic Jacqueline Bryk Experimental, Philosophy 4+ Maybe, with modifications Download

For Purchase

Name Author(s) Genre(s) Number of Players Playable Online? Price Link
Acorn: A Map-Making LARP About Squirrels Jennifer Adcock Animals Up to 6 No $2 Download
All My Exes are in Mechsuits Anna Anthropy Sci-Fi 3 Probably $10 Download
Amidst Endless Quiet P. H. Lee Sci-Fi 3-6 Maybe $6 Download
Are My Wings Even? Sadia Bies Fantasy 2-4 Maybe $5 Download
>>at least you're not alone Bee Scerri Sci-Fi, Music 2+ No $10 Download
Attack. Dethrone. Rinse. Repeat. roll / flip / draw Fantasy, Religion, Mythology 4-8 No $5 Download
Behind the Curtain Foulplay Games Historical, Mystery 6-10 Yes $30 Download
Behind the Curtain: Holiday Foulplay Games Historical, Mystery 6-10 Yes $30 Download
Behind the Magic Randy Lubin Fantasy, Humor 4-7 Maybe $10 Download
Behrend Bernhard, Esq. Beau Jágr Sheldon Mystery 4-12 No $2 Download
Best Case Scenario Dymphna Coy Humor 4-6 Yes $2 Download
Better Living Through Robotics Elizabeth Fein, Eva Schiffer, Jaime Frey, Kathleen De Smet, Keith A Darron Sci-Fi 10 Yes, with modifications $5 Download
A Big Mood (For A Little Bit More) Jacqueline Bryk Romance 2+ No $3 Download
The Blade of Fate Foulplay Games Fantasy, Mystery 6 Yes $25 Download
Blip. Gints Halcejs Modern 3-4 Probably Not $5 Download
Born This Way Rei England Modern, Queer 4-6 Maybe $5 Download
Brand Actualization Fen Slattery Humor, Modern 6-10 Yes $3 Download
La Brea Majcher Arcana Animals, Dinner 8 No $1 Download
But Not Tonight Yeonsoo Julian Kim Historical, Apocalyptic 6-8 Maybe $4 Download
Cabin #5 Foulplay Games Horror, Mystery, Historical, Sci-Fi 6 Yes $25 Download
Cabin #5: Halloween Foulplay Games Horror, Mystery, Historical, Sci-Fi 6 Yes $25 Download
Cake by the Ocean Jacqueline Bryk Modern 7 No $3.69 Download
Cantilupe Bully Pulpit Games Historical 4-8 Maybe $8 Download
Cerebral Cortex Speed-Dating Chance J. Feldstein Fantasy, Sci-Fi 3+ Maybe $1 Download
CONIFER Lizzie Stark, Jason Morningstar Historical 5-6 Probably Not $7.99 Download
The Curious Carnival Foulplay Games Historical, Mystery 15-24 Yes $40 Download
Darkspace Arcana Games Sci-Fi, Mystery 5 Yes $20 Download
Death on the Gambia Steve Hatherley Historical, Mystery 8-11 Probably Not $29.99 Download
Deep Love Bully Pulpit Games Historical, Romance 4 No $8 Download
Defeat the Demon Lord (but with Table Tennis) Luciella Elisabeth Scarlett Fantasy 2+ No $3 Download
Did I Fall Asleep? Dana Leaman Sci-Fi 6-12 Maybe $3 Download
Drama and Dancing daniellesque Historical 12 No $4.99 Download
Dreaming the Devil Dymphna Coy Historical 3-4 Probably Not $3.75 Download
The Dream Machine DaReel Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi 2+ Probably Not $4.04 Download
The Emperor's Orchard Jacqueline Bryk Fantasy 6+ Maybe $4 Download
Empty Orchestra Jeff Stormer Dystopian, Karaoke 2+ Probably Not $7 Download
Eusocial Unrest rpgnatalie Animals 4-6 Maybe $13.32 Download
Faceless Saints Jacqueline Bryk Religion 7+ Yes $6 Download
Factory Reset Ash Kreider Sci-Fi 8-12 Maybe $7 Download
Fake Chess Sean Patrick Cain Modern 2 No $5 Download
Fake Chess: Book of Champions Sean Patrick Cain Modern 2 No $7 Download
Five Trials Bully Pulpit Games Historical 1-10 Maybe $8 Download
#FlirtSquad Ken Davidson, Diwata ng Manila, Meguey Baker, Jess, Mel D'Amato Modern, Romance 3+ Probably Not $10 Download
The Flower Court Jay Dragon Sci-Fi, Queer 5-12 Yes $10 Download
A Flower for Mara Seth Ben-Ezra Modern, Afterlife ? Maybe $10 Download
The Fobolex Interstellar Corporate Retreat Bully Pulpit Games Sci-Fi, Comedy 20-50 Maybe $8 Download
Forgotten Gods Marshall Bradshaw Mythology 3-6 Maybe $5 Download
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to ToonTown Vivien Grimm Historical 17-21 Probably Not $15 Download
Gaudete Sunday Jacqueline Bryk Historical, Humor 5+ Maybe $4 Download
Gender Repeal Party Mids Meinburg Modern, Queer 5-15 No $5 Download
Ghosts Adam Kenney, Suko Toyofuku Afterlife, Fantasy 4-6 Yes $10 Download
Gone Wheel Tree Press Modern 5-11 Yes $1 Download
Good Society LARP Storybrewers Roleplaying Games Historical 8-12 Probably Not $18 Download
Grandma's Resting Place Quinn D, Kathleen De Smet, Katie Giacomini, Eva Schiffer, Gaylord Tang Modern 6 Maybe $5 Download
The Great Witchy Bake Off daniellesque Fantasy, Modern, Food 3-4 Yes $5 Download
Home Cooked Matthew Gravelyn Modern, Food 2 No $2 Download
Hemophiliacademics Jacqueline Bryk Horror, Dystopia 3+ Maybe $6 Download
Holding My Breath Sadia Bies Fantasy 2 No $5 Download
The Homes We Build Katie Green, Michael Rau, Sean Moran, Damon Romance, Modern, Experimental 2 Probably $10 Download
Honor Bound Randy Lubin, Jason Morningstar Historical 6 No $8 Download
I Can't Wait to Finally Meet You Zaftikat Romance 2-4 No $2 Download
Icebox: Decompression Majcher Arcana Sci-Fi 8 Probably Not $5 Download
El Inmortal Unmasked In The Main Event! Jeff Stormer Modern, Wrestling 2-10 No $10 Download
#instayoga Shawn Roske Modern 2-12 No $10 Download
In the Court of the Serpent King Jacqueline Bryk Historical, Mythology 7-11 Maybe $3 Download
In the Hour of Judgment rpgnatalie Apocalyptic 2 Yes, with modifications $6.66 Download
It Darkens the Threshold Anomalous Entertainment Co. Horror 2 No $3 Download
I Think This is Going Pretty Well... Allison Kyran Cole, Jordan Osterer Modern 3 Maybe $10 CAD Download
It's Nothing Tayler Stokes Modern 4-6 Probably Not $10 Download
I Will Sustain You Melody Watson Sci-Fi 2 No $3 AUD Download
Jonathan Frakes Wants Your Attention, And You Must Not Give It To Him Jeff Stormer Horror, Comedy 2 No $5 Download
Kitchen Knightmares Nevyn Holmes Fantasy, Mystery, Modern, Humor 5+ Yes $10 Download
Last Item on the Agenda Shawn Roske Modern 4-6 Maybe $10 Download
The Lonely House daniellesque Horror, Historical 13 No $5 Download
Magic Circle Bully Pulpit Games Fantasy, Humor 4-8 Maybe $8 Download
Monster Fucker: Commitment Recreational Cannibalism Humor, Fantasy, Horror ? Maybe $5 Download
Murder at Menlo Park Foulplay Games Sci-Fi, Historical, Mystery 7-15 Yes $35 Download
My Big Fat Aswang Wedding Pammu, Sin Fantasy, Mythology, Queer 12+ No $5 Download
My Jam Jeff Dieterle, Eric Mersmann Fantasy, Modern, Dance 10-20 No $1 Download
Neoplasia Tayler Stokes Romance 5 Probably Not $5 Download
New Forms Nathan Harrison Horror 3-12 Maybe $2 Download
No Easy Way Out DMOD-42 Mystery, Horror 5 Yes $4 Download
No Love's Land Adira Slattery Sci-Fi, Romance 2 Probably Not $10 Download
Nonna's Fine China Jennifer Adcock Modern 3-6 No $2 Download
Opera Buffa Tayler Stokes Music 5-8 Probably Not $10 Download
Our Last Meal Moyra Turkington Modern, Food, Dinner 2-8 No $10 Download
Our Radios Are Dying Aura Belle Sci-Fi, Queer 2 No $5 Download
Our Time on Earth Alex Roberts Sci-Fi 2 Yes $10 Download
Out of Dodge Bully Pulpit Games Modern 4 Probably Not $4 Download
Parting Day in Mossley Wood Lizzie Stark, Jason Morningstar Animals 4-6 Yes $7.99 Download
Peace, Land, and Bread! Kathleen De Smet, Lillie Franks, Jon Marcus, Eva Schiffer, Steve Vig Historical 6 Maybe $5 Download
Phaedo Mehitabel Glenhaber Historical 3-6 Maybe $3 Download
Pictures in an Exhibition Recreational Cannibalism Fantasy, Art ? Yes $8 Download
Play the Great Game Alexa Kirchner Fantasy 11 Probably Not $6.66 Download
a political body Marshall Bradshaw Modern, Political 3 Maybe $5 Download
Presence Axiel Cazeneuve Romance 2 Maybe 1€ Download
Pressure Drop Eric Mersmann Modern, Spy, Mystery, Music ? No $5 Download
Queer Messes Jay Dragon Modern, Queer 5 No $5 Download
QUEER SLEEPOVER WITCHING HOUR Jess Rowan Marcotte Queer 6 No $10 Download
Radioactive Bison Bully Pulpit Games Historical, Animals 8-19 or 12-24 Probably Not $8 Download
The Rake Jay Dragon Horror 3+ No $5 Download
The Real Lesson of Romeo and Juliet is a Relationship Will Never Last Without Good Communication roll / flip / draw Romance 2 Maybe, with modifications $3 Download
Redshift Tayler Stokes Sci-Fi 7 Probably Not $15 Download
A Retreat to Remember Lelah Frey, Jaime Frey, Philip Kelley Modern 7 Maybe $5 Download
Reunited and It Feels... Jeff Stormer Romance 2 Partially $5 Download
Rider's Last Rites Sidney Icarus Sci-Fi 4 Maybe $6 Download
Rosenstrasse Moyra Tarkington, Jessica Hammer Historical 2-4 Maybe $19 Download
Sault and Pepir Neon Rot Horror 3 No $1 Download
Seat Five Bully Pulpit Games Modern, Political 4-6 Probably Not $8 Download
Secret Ingredients Steffie de Vaan​ Modern, Food 3+ No 3€ Download
Shipping off to Hades Roan Afterlife, Religion, Mythology 2+ Maybe $3 Download
Sins of the Father Jacqueline Bryk Horror 7 Probably Not $4 Download
Skeleton Song Jacqueline Bryk Horror 5 Maybe $6 Download
Sky Deck Bully Pulpit Games Modern 8-16 No $8 Download
Something Lurks in the Mist Eleanor Estragon Horror 3-5 Probably Not $3 Download
Song and Seiðr rpgnatalie Mythology, Religion, Fantasy 2-4 Maybe, with modifications $6.66 Download
The Stars Whisper Wheel Tree Press Sci-Fi 8-12 No $3 Download
Storm Cellar Kathleen De Smet, Eva Schiffer Historical 8 Maybe $5 Download
The Straights Are Not Okay Ash Kreider Comedy, Modern 9-12 Maybe $5 Download
Strictly Between Us Eli Seitz Dance, Modern 4-20 No $10 Download
Strong Female Character Joie Martin Metafiction 3-10 Maybe, with modifications $1.99 Download
Swipe Blake Stone Romance, Queer 3+ Maybe $5 Download
Tales of the Forest Chance J. Feldstein Fantasy, Mythology, Animals 3-10 Maybe $1 Download
Tell-Tale Hearts Oscar Biffi Horror 4 Maybe 5€ Download
Temptation Sadia Bies Fantasy, Horror, Food 3 No $5 Download
'Terps Bully Pulpit Games Sci-Fi 5-7 Maybe $8 Download
The Thin Edge Caro Asercion Modern 2 No $5 Download
This Discord Has Ghosts in It Adam Vass, Will Jobst Horror 6-16 Yes $10 Download
A Touch, A Touch rpgnatalie Romance, Queer 2 Probably Not $6.66 Download
Trainsformation (+Characters) Xavid Sci-Fi 8 Probably Not $2 Download
Trojan Ruin Rafael Carneiro Vasques Historical 11 Probably Not $2 Download
Underwater People Bully Pulpit Games Fantasy, Humor 4-10 Maybe $8 Download
Unsaids Blake Stone Modern 2+ Yes $3 Download
Us and Them Jacqueline Bryk Post-Apocalyptic, Horror ? Maybe $4 Download
ViewScream 2nd Edition Rafael Chandler Sci-Fi, Horror 3-5 Yes $4.99 Download
WANDERSTAR Foulplay Games Sci-Fi, Western, Mystery 7-15 Yes $35 Download
Warp & Weft Max Lee, Frisco Cruise Fantasy ? Maybe $3 Download
Wassail James Chip Fantasy 2-6 No $6 Download
Water Water Everywhere Adira Slattery Mythology, Religion 5 No $5 Download
Welcome to the Agora Bee Scerri Mythology, Fantasy ? Maybe $5 Download
What's a Vaporwave? Fen Slattery Humor 2 Yes $5 Download
Whose Deity Is It Anyway? Chance J. Feldstein Religion, Mythology 3+ Maybe $1 Download
Wight Wedding Jacqueline Bryk Humor, Horror, Romance Up to 25 Probably Not $4 Download
A Will to Murder Mo Holkar Historical, Mystery 6-9 Probably Not $29.99 Download
The Wych Elm Foulplay Games Modern, Mystery, Horror 6-10 Yes $30 Download

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