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LARP Alliance Inc. is a 501c non-profit company dedicated to supporting the LARP/LRP & ARG (Live Action Role Playing & Alternate Reality Gaming) communities by assisting and educating new and current participants.

They provide information on what LARP is, where to find events, how to start your own LARP, where to find staff and cast for your events and media projects, tips & articles, and where to find and make gear and garb.

Weapon-building classes, Dramatic coaching, Live Combat Fighter Practices and other workshops are taught by the various Guilds of the LARP Alliance.

They hold events and social get-togethers (Gatherings, Karaoke, Movie Nights, Dance Clubs, Sports games, Charities, Faires, etc) regularly.

The LARP Alliance is based in Southern California, though its mission extends globally. The Board of Directors is made up of various individuals from all over the world with one goal to advance the art by combining resources.

They are always looking for new people to join. As an organization based on promotion and education, they are also looking for individuals with select skills (photography, web design, costume design) that would be willing to donate time, experience or other contributions to their efforts.

Mission Statement To strengthen and bring together LARPers by developing resources for players and staff; assisting with promotions, venues, and organizing community events; and facilitating education and training.

Corporate Officers :
Rick McCoy – President, Director
Adrianne Grady – CEO, Director
Ramsey Rickabaugh – CFO, Director

Board of Directors :
Rick McCoy – Chair
Mark Mensch – Vice-Chair
Adrianne Grady – Treasurer
Frank Perkins – Marshall
Tara Clapper – Secretary
Gregory Crafts
Tina Degenhart
Jason Herrick