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"All articles must strive for verifiable accuracy: unreferenced material may be removed, so please provide references. ... That means citing verifiable, authoritative sources, especially on controversial topics and when the subject is a living person."

I'm worried that parts of this, taken literally, are both impractical and defeat part of the purpose of the wiki, as I understand it. Larp knowledge (in the US at least) is largely an oral tradition, and part of the purpose of the wiki (as I understand it) is to collect and document knowledge which is currently scattered and often largely unrecorded. If we only document material that we can already point to as being formally recorded elsewhere, it will greatly limit the scope and utility of this project.

Also, larp is an almost entirely amateur scene with very few, if any, people or sources who can legitimately be called authoritative. I can count on a single hand all the published works and academic research in the US on larps that I know of. I recommend relaxing the language here considerably, or at least putting in a "wherever possible". --BrianR (talk) 12:53, 24 July 2012 (CDT)

Good point. How would you reword that section or piece? --Amber E. (talk) 12:59, 24 July 2012 (CDT)