Erden Odyssey

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Erden Odyssey

Greater Los Angeles Area, CA
Conflict resolution system
medium boffer combat, packet based spells
day and weekend events
Games per year
Michael Garasic
Participation fee
Rule system
Custom rulebook, pre-published system (and if so where to find it/name), etc.
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The Erden Odyssey is a class based Live action role playing game that centers around the world of Erde, the kingdom of Granis, and the god themselves who watch over everything. We aim to bring customer service and high production value to the forefront as our main goal. Immersion is the key in which we will bring the characters into the world through visuals and interaction. The system we will be using is not too far from what LARPers are used to but also easy that a brand new player can pick up and play.


For more information about the game world

For more information about religion in the game

For more information about deities

Game history

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External links

The Erden Odyssey Rules

The Erden Odyssey Blue Book (crafting and items guide)