A Grandiose Disaster

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A Grandiose Disaster

Disaster / Survival Horror
Number of players
How long it runs
2 hours
Date written
Mike Young
A Grandiose Disaster

A Grandiose Disaster is a set of rules for running short theatre-style disaster movie and survival horror larps. It is written by Mike Young. The game was funded over Kickstarter in 2016, raising $3,805.[1] It was subsequently released via DriveThruRPG.

Characters are created in a pre-game workshop from templates representing the sterotypes used in disaster and survival horror movies. Play is scene-based, with characters progressing through a number of short scenes representing their efforts to cope with or escape from the disaster. Many scenes will end with the death or injury of a character, with the goal of having only two or three survivors left at the end of the scenario.

The core book includes five scenarios: "Fire And Ice", "The Golden Valley", "Space Station Omega", "The Love Craft", and "Trapped In A Mall With Some Zombies". A number of other scenarios have been published, including:


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