The Five Stages

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This was deveoped by Mike Young as a way of looking at the stages of development people and groups go through regarding their views of larps.

The Five Stages of LARP Development

1. Ours in the ONLY LARP. (This was far more prevalent before the Internet).

2. Ours is the best LARP. (The larper has a strong attraction to the game he started playing and just assumes that all others are inherently inferior. MANY LARPers never get past stage 2. Really.)

3. There are other LARPs out there, but I prefer this one. (The LARPer has recognized that the "bestness" of his LARP is due to personal preference. The rest of the majority of LARPers hit this stage and stop).

4. I enjoy playing many different LARPs. (This one is rare, but is becoming more common. You may find someone who will play, say Vampire and Cthulhu Live, or two different types of boffer LARPs. You'll still find damn few people who will play Mind's Eye Theatre and NERO).

5. I not only enjoy many different LARPs, I actively seek out and try to find new LARPs to play to expand my experience. (Very rare).